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Bayview Glen

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Meet the Advancement Team


I am excited to be leading an Advancement team that truly thrives on collaboration and relationship building. Bayview Glen Independent School is home to a group of dedicated and outstanding people all working side by side to make this remarkable school even better. From our specially organized events to community outreach to our fundraising efforts, the Advancement department works consistently to support the school in any way possible.

One of our top priorities is to connect with you. Our goal is to have ongoing conversations with members of our vibrant community so we can better understand how to support Bayview Glen.

Our partnership with families is at the core of what we do. Your support and enthusiasm is what makes this school the place it is today. We also have exciting plans to take Bayview Glen into the future. The relationships we foster in Advancement are key to that success.

I’m here to listen and get to know you better. I look forward to seeing you at our next event and I’m a phone call away for any questions.

Please feel free to stop by, say hello and share your thoughts and ideas.

Darlene Norris, Director of Advancement at or 416.386.6626.

Photo of Darlene Norris
Darlene Norris
Director of Advancement
Photo of Kimberlee Waymann
Kimberlee Waymann
Senior Advancement Officer

Rochelle Hayward
Database Coordinator
416.443.1030 ext. 629

Mandy Lau
Director of Alumni Relations

Mark Fellin