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Bayview Glen

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Annual Fund

A gift to Bayview Glen’s Annual Fund, advances our programmes to be inquiry-based, involving real-world experiences and fosters an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Designed to secure additional resources to meet the ever changing requirements of the 21st student, gifts to Bayview Glen’s Annual Fund will impact the immediate needs and enhance day-to-day experiences for our students, alumni and faculty. Gifts of any amount are welcome, gratefully appreciated and tax-deductible.

Funding Priorities

Bayview Glen has been evolving at a rapid pace over the past several years. In essence we are breaking the mould and changing the definition of what it means to educate a child today from curriculum, to resources, environment, facilities and personal development.

Below are giving options that align with our identified strategic priorities.

Head of School Fund

Mrs. Daunt will direct your donation to where it will have the most impact – upgrading classroom equipment, enhancing technology or making improvements to existing facilities.

Enabling Excellence in Learning

Investing in our facilities to better support excellence in learning, forms the foundation for our ongoing work throughout the school. Our capital additions and renovations will expand Bayview Glen’s campus and help us accommodate the growing needs of teachers, staff and student body.

Naming opportunities in our new Upper and Prep School building are still available. More than bricks and mortar this new structure enhances academic rigor, encourages a healthy, active lifestyle and nurtures a sense of community.

Name a Star

For gifts of $2,500 or more, your name or that of a loved one will be permanently recognized on our Constellation Wall which is centrally located in the New Prep School. The wall is frequently viewed by students, faculty, staff, parents and visitors.

To enhance our popular Constellation Wall by purchasing a Bayview Glen Star, simply choose a level: 8” Star ($2,500), 10” Star ($5,000), 12” Star ($7,500) or 14” Star ($10,000) and add your name, your child’s name, a special teacher, classmate or someone you’d like to honour. 

Named Spaces
For a gift of $25,000 and more (may be given over five years) you can name a physical space in our new Upper and Prep School building. Spaces can be named as a tribute to family, friends or colleagues.

Gifts of a star or named space will support ongoing improvements to our existing facilities as well as leave a lasting legacy.

Facilitating Access and Diversity

Bayview Glen is deeply committed to student access as well as excellence. Bursaries and scholarships keep our microcosm vibrant. Experiencing our school’s exceptional diversity gives BVG students a real advantage as they step out into the wider world.

To guarantee that the school continues to attract the best students regardless of their financial situation, Bayview Glen offers two ways donors can participate in helping us achieve this goal.

Named Expendable Scholarship or Bursary

An expendable scholarship or bursary is a donation of money, of which a predetermined portion is paid out every year until the funds are exhausted. The scholarship or bursary can be

awarded the same year the first payment is received. It exists only as long as the funds are available.

Named Endowed Scholarship or Bursary

An endowed scholarship or bursary is a donation of money or transfer of property with the stipulation that it be invested and that the principal remain intact in perpetuity. This allows the donation to have a long-term and enduring impact. An endowment must generate interest for a full year before disbursements can begin.

To discuss which priorities best align with your philanthropic interest(s) and advance Bayview Glen’s vision and mission, please contact Darlene Norris, Director of Advancement at or 416-386-6626.