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Bayview Glen

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Prep School


Prep School

Dina Astrella's picture

Dina Astrella

Assistant Head of the Prep School
Ext: 640
Melissa Freedman's picture

Melissa Freedman

Lower School Learning Strategist
Ext: 541
Christopher Federico's picture

Christopher Federico

Director of Teaching and Learning, Prep and Upper School
Ext: 614
Mardi Obadia's picture

Mardi Obadia

Human Resources / Finance Assistant
Ext: 646
Kevin Neville's picture

Kevin Neville

P6B Teacher
Mathematics Teacher
Ext: 298
Scott Milligan's picture

Scott Milligan

P6C Teacher
Science Teacher
Ext: 292
Ida Lanci's picture

Ida Lanci

P8D Teacher
French Teacher
Spanish Teacher
Ext: 536
Erika Gillespie's picture

Erika Gillespie

P8C Teacher
Mathematics Teacher
Ext: 260
Benjamin Promane's picture

Benjamin Promane

Music Teacher
Ext: 349
Amy Sabodach's picture

Amy Sabodach

P6A Teacher
Ext: 279
Alfredo Vertel's picture

Alfredo Vertel

Modern Languages Teacher
Ext: 218
Andrew Vivian's picture

Andrew Vivian

P7B Teacher
Science Teacher
Ext: 319
Paul Smallbridge's picture

Paul Smallbridge

P7A Teacher
English Teacher
Ext: 317
Ea-Ling Seun's picture

Ea-Ling Seun

Music Teacher
Ext: 345
Jennifer Segal's picture

Jennifer Segal

French Teacher
Spanish Teacher
Ext: 332
Lisa Keyworth's picture

Lisa Keyworth

P8B Teacher
Science Teacher
Ext: 273
Rita Iafrate's picture

Rita Iafrate

P6D Teacher
English Teacher
Ext: 569
Paul Freeman's picture

Paul Freeman

P7C Teacher
Mathematics Teacher
Ext: 211
Celine Dufresne's picture

Celine Dufresne

P7D Teacher
French Teacher
Ext: 538
Matthew Clark's picture

Matthew Clark

P8A Teacher
English Teacher
Ext: 547
Scott Campbell's picture

Scott Campbell

Prep School Teacher Librarian
Ext: 232
Paul Ganley's picture

Paul Ganley

Specialist Teacher, Phys. Ed.
Ext: 339
Bruce Gill's picture

Bruce Gill

Health | Phys. Ed. Teacher
Ext: 543
Stephanie Hulan's picture

Stephanie Hulan

Art Teacher
Ext: 325
Chris Hunsburger's picture

Chris Hunsburger

Music Teacher
Ext: 233
Lori Hillis's picture

Lori Hillis

Phys. Ed. Teacher
Ext: 302
Laura Gleeson's picture

Laura Gleeson

Technology Integration Specialist
Ext: 350