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Bayview Glen

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Prep School


Prep School

Dina Astrella's picture

Dina Astrella

Assistant Head of the Prep School
Ext: 640
Alexandra Iorgu's picture

Alexandra Iorgu

Visual Arts Teacher
Gillian Shim's picture

Gillian Shim

Visual Arts Teacher
Prep and Upper Schools
Melissa Freedman's picture

Melissa Freedman

Lower School Learning Strategist
Ext: 541
Christopher Federico's picture

Christopher Federico

Director of Teaching and Learning, Prep and Upper School
Ext: 614
Mardi Obadia's picture

Mardi Obadia

Human Resources / Finance Assistant
Ext: 646
Kevin Neville's picture

Kevin Neville

P6B Teacher
Mathematics Teacher
Ext: 298
Scott Milligan's picture

Scott Milligan

P6C Teacher
Science Teacher
Ext: 292
Ida Lanci's picture

Ida Lanci

P8D Teacher
French Teacher
Spanish Teacher
Ext: 536
Erika Gillespie's picture

Erika Gillespie

P8C Teacher
Mathematics Teacher
Ext: 260
Benjamin Promane's picture

Benjamin Promane

Music Teacher
Ext: 349
Amy Sabodach's picture

Amy Sabodach

P6A Teacher
Ext: 279
Alfredo Vertel's picture

Alfredo Vertel

Modern Languages Teacher
Ext: 218
Andrew Vivian's picture

Andrew Vivian

P7B Teacher
Science Teacher
Ext: 319
Paul Smallbridge's picture

Paul Smallbridge

P7A Teacher
English Teacher
Ext: 317
Ea-Ling Seun's picture

Ea-Ling Seun

Music Teacher
Ext: 345
Jennifer Segal's picture

Jennifer Segal

French Teacher
Spanish Teacher
Ext: 332
Lisa Keyworth's picture

Lisa Keyworth

P8B Teacher
Science Teacher
Ext: 273
Rita Iafrate's picture

Rita Iafrate

P6D Teacher
English Teacher
Ext: 569
Paul Freeman's picture

Paul Freeman

P7C Teacher
Mathematics Teacher
Ext: 211
Celine Dufresne's picture

Celine Dufresne

P7D Teacher
French Teacher
Ext: 538
Matthew Clark's picture

Matthew Clark

P8A Teacher
English Teacher
Ext: 547
Scott Campbell's picture

Scott Campbell

Prep School Teacher Librarian
Ext: 232
Paul Ganley's picture

Paul Ganley

Specialist Teacher, Phys. Ed.
Ext: 339
Bruce Gill's picture

Bruce Gill

Health | Phys. Ed. Teacher
Ext: 543
Stephanie Hulan's picture

Stephanie Hulan

Art Teacher
Ext: 325
Chris Hunsburger's picture

Chris Hunsburger

Music Teacher
Ext: 233
Lori Hillis's picture

Lori Hillis

Phys. Ed. Teacher
Ext: 302
Laura Gleeson's picture

Laura Gleeson

Technology Integration Specialist
Ext: 350