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Bayview Glen

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A Helping Hand for the Honeybees

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bayview Glen is buzzzzzing with excitement over a new initiative we will be taking on this spring. Together with an urban beekeeping company called Alveole, Bayview Glen will be installing and making a home for several honeybee hives in our rooftop garden. Urban beekeeping is an important method of attracting honeybees to the city and providing an ideal home for them to set up their hives. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating plants involved in the vast majority of the foods we eat and due to pesticide use, viruses and other factors, their numbers have been on the decline. The location of our school is a perfect spot to help maintain a robust bee population.

 The rooftop garden is three floors above ground and will not be accessible to children. Unlike wasps, honeybees are vegans and non aggressive. Throughout the summer, beekeepers from Alveole will be coming in to maintain the hives and we will have all of the action available for you to see on our livestream camera which will show on the school’s website. Come September, we will enjoy the fruits of our honeybees’ labour as we extract and jar honey produced by our very own bees. The hives will be installed on May 25th.