New Bayview Glen Day Camp Offering — A Slam Dunk! 

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The Prep School gymnasium at Bayview Glen (BVG) School will be buzzing with loud thumps and thuds over the next 10 weeks. 

It’s all thanks to a new after-school offering being presented by Bayview Glen Day Camp, called The Gryphon Basketball Academy. 

“Two important factors led to the creation of this camp,” says Daniel Garfinkel, Director of the Bayview Glen Day Camp,” describing the new, weekly basketball programme. 

“The first is an opportunity to create more synergies between the Bayview Glen Camp program & Bayview Glen Lower and Upper Schools,” he says. “The second is to provide the BVG school community with more opportunities to build specific skills they are most interested in advancing, within a no-pressure recreational environment that camp programs organically create.” 

Open to children from Grades 1 to 8, The Gryphon Basketball Academy is divided into four age groups of participants who take part in 45-minute sessions. 

“Basketball was identified as an activity that many Lower School students were excited to participate in and build their skill sets,” continues Garfinkel. “Many Upper School students were interested in enhancing their chances at making one of the school basketball teams next year!” 

With a staff to camper ratio of 1:3, the camp is open to the BVG community and beyond and runs Tuesday evenings until May 30th

The camp debuted with 50 participants at the end of March and is facilitated by third-party supplier — TenTen Kids Sports, described on their website as, “Canada’s leading indoor and outdoor kids sports program provider.” 

Garfinkel adds, “TenTen facilitate sports activities for our youngest campers as well as our basketball specialty camp for older campers in the summertime.” 

And there is more to come, he says.

“This is just the first of many afterschool programs that Camp will be offering to the BVG school community in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting opportunities in the near future!”

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