BVG L!NK Alumni Mentorship Network

Working with a mentor can be invaluable for young professionals. A mentor can share experience and knowledge to improve your ability to overcome obstacles, make decisions and attain your career goals.

BVG L!NK is Bayview Glen’s mentorship and networking programme. Its goal is to facilitate opportunities for Bayview Glen alumni to connect with a global network of experienced, successful and influential professionals from our vibrant community of alumni, parents and friends.

Sign up as a Mentor or Mentee on our online BVG L!NK Alumni Mentorship Network, and contact Mandy Lau, Director of Alumni Relations, at if you have any questions or for more information.

BVG L!NK Mentor User Guide (pdf)

BVG L!NK Mentee User Guide (pdf)

“For all alumni and new grads: there is no reason not to participate. The BVG L!NK alumni mentorship programme creates an opportunity to reduce many of the challenges associated with both accessing and providing that support. Whether you are a recent graduate or a recent retiree, there is someone who can benefit from your knowledge, or someone who is willing to support you. Mentorship is a virtuous cycle and the BVG L!NK programme is the perfect place to start.”
– Connor Mahony ’13, BVG L!NK Alumni Participant

“I had a great experience using the BVG L!NK alumni mentorship platform as I could use my high school network to learn more about potential future career paths and get advice from professionals who have been through much of the same that I am currently going through.”
– Chantalle Matousek ’19, BVG L!NK Alumni Participant

Join BVG Link today! Career conversations, resume critiques, mock interviews. Connect with BVG professionals from the BVG community, on our own time and topics of your choice