Rosemary Yeremian ’93

The first BVG graduate to attend Queen’s University, Rosemary Yeremian joined the School at age 13, in Grade 8. A new teacher was starting that day as well – Dr. Terry Gibson – who would become better known as ‘Doc” over the next few years.
“I remember meeting him on my first day, and Dr. Gibson soon became one of my favourite teachers, because he was dynamic and so passionate about political science. He instilled in me my lifelong love of the subject that became the foundation of my career,” says Rosemary. “Another great teacher was Mary Hopkins, who taught science and biology. She was inventive and inspiring, and I really enjoyed learning from her.”

Another treasured BVG memory: the ski trips. “The skiing was often quite challenging and at times the temperature would dip below 40 degrees, but we just loved being out there and the class formed a very close bond,” recalls Rosemary.

Drama Club was another important aspect of her time at Bayview Glen. “It was an outstanding experience for students,” she says. “We would put on original plays, perform in drama festivals and compete against other private schools. I remember performing at O’Keefe Centre (now Sony Centre for the Performing Arts) and another time at Ridley College. It was just an amazing experience and it was there that I learned to present well in public, a skill that has served me well throughout my career.”

Rosemary remains close to this day with two of her BVG classmates, Lavinia Litras Barseghian (who is married to Rosemary’s cousin!) and Kareen Martin.

After her graduation in 1993, Rosemary earned her Bachelor of Arts (Political Studies) at Queen’s University, and went on to receive a Master of Arts (Political Science) from Carleton University.

Today, Rosemary is CEO and founder of Strategic Insights Inc., with offices in Toronto and Washington. Her company specializes in market intelligence and advisory services in the energy, nuclear energy and electricity sectors. She is an Accredited Business Communicator and has been trained in Competitive Intelligence and Analysis by an ex-CIA analyst with the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. Rosemary is also the Past Chair of Ontario Nuclear New Build Council. 

Prior to founding Strategic Insights Inc., Rosemary was also responsible for Ontario Government Relations, competitive intelligence and analysis, Team CANDU coordination and activities, and Canadian marketing for Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL). At AECL, she successfully authored and implemented the new reactor build business plan, a corporate-wide stakeholder engagement strategy and a key messaging program. Her efforts resulted in over 30 letters to the federal government in support of AECL and millions of dollars in additional government funding.
Before working with AECL, Rosemary was employed by Export Development Canada, providing financing support to export loan suppliers and advising on the international rules related to international trade finance. Her work included negotiating international agreements at the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (Paris, France). Most notably, she was on the Canadian negotiating team for the International Agreement on Common Approaches to Environment and Export Credits.
Rosemary’s work enables companies to grow by implementing sound marketing strategies and tactics, developing communications plans, and providing insights to fuel corporate growth through competitive analysis.
“When I look back at it today, I realize that Bayview Glen helped me to develop self-discipline,” says Rosemary. “I first noticed it when I started my university studies, where I had the strength and self-discipline to keep going and deliver my work on time and with integrity – and that has always defined how I work.  Bayview Glen prepared me well for university and for my career.”

Bayview Glen is proud to include T. Rosemary Yeremian amongst our Notable Alumni.