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Attention Toy Designers! These SK Students have ideas.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Put a room full of five-year olds together and ask them what they like about toys, chances are, you'll hear more than a few enthusiastic responses. How about taking the conversation one step further and requesting they put pencil to paper and start designing? This group of SKs dove right in and started creating.  But the process didn't end there.  Next up, building the toy they had imagined on paper. This is problem-based learning with a great deal of trial and error. What if the glue won't quite keep the straws in place?  What if the sponge is blocking the entrance where the ball is supposed to go?  And maybe the colours don't work together after all. Once the students were done the creating stage, it was time to bring in the expert. Nick from Sago Mini visited the classroom to talk about how professionals develop toys and compatible online games. The students were eager to discuss their own creations with Nick and of course, they wanted to try his game. After working hard through the entire process, there was an outburst of excitement when it was announced their own toys were allowed to go home. Design thinking, one straw at a time.