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BVG Network Alumni Regional Visits to Vancouver, British Columbia and London, United Kingdom

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The hosting of regional network visits with Bayview Glen alumni continued with Mr. Hammond, Director of University Counselling, meeting with former students in Vancouver, B.C. in mid-January and those living and studying in London, U.K. in mid-February. Excitement over the visits was evident, with alumni from both regions reaching out to offer updates and to express a desire to stay in touch with Bayview Glen.

The Vancouver alumni regional network was established three years ago and has shown a propensity for future growth. Not only is the Vancouver-area a post-secondary destination of choice, but it is a major hub for employment and career development. One part of the visits were with alumni who are currently studying at the University of British Columbia, including Mark Cahalan ’14 (Medicine), Satish Stefansson ’14 (Engineering), Michele Warner ’14 (Kinesiology) and Jessica Wickett ’16 (Kinesiology); whilst other visits were with working alum, including Victoria Lee ’08 (Software Engineer), John Najafi ’12 (Venture Capital Analyst) and Hilary Bate ’13 (User Experience and Career Services Coordinator).

This year marked the first alumni regional network visit to London, U.K. and it was a resounding success. When news of the visit was announced, many alumni including those who have been away from Bayview Glen for many years responded to share their stories and to express interest in being involved in the Alumni Association. Individual visits were held with alumni who are currently studying in the London area: Bardia Monavari ’14 (Masters of Environmental Change and Management, Oxford University), Anastasiya Mykhaylova ’17 (Film Studies, King’s College London), Nicole Warner ’17 (Fashion Textiles, UAL London College of Fashion), and Imaan Hirji ’18 (Medicine, St. George’s University London). Several alumni are now living and working in London and their participation in networking events was appreciated. Thanks to Andrew Jerjian ’06 (Lawyer), Lindsay Wong ’09 (Community Engagement Officer), Matthew Wettlaufer ’10 (Accountant) and Victoria Sewell ’11 (Digital Economy Community Liaison). 

As is often the case at the regional visits, the alumni were happy to share stories of their years at Bayview Glen, to mention the faculty and staff who helped them along the way, and to discuss the excellent academic preparation they received to help them meet with post-secondary success.

Our regional visits will continue throughout this school year. If you have any suggestions for those visits, please feel free to contact Ms. Lau at Alumni are encouraged to keep Ms. Lau updated with their current email addresses and social media contacts so that they can be informed of future regional visits.