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Bayview Glen

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Career Breakfast on Healthcare

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

On Tuesday, March 5, Stephanie Hedges ’09 (right) and Katie Sakran ’09 (left) returned to Bayview Glen as alumni speakers at our last Career Breakfast of this school year, and shared their insights in the Healthcare industry with our current students and parents from the Prep and Upper School community.
Stephanie shared the functions and requirements to be a genetic counsellor and how she can imagine genetic counsellors emerging as the forefront of healthcare in the, possibly near, future. Katie captured the audience by demonstrating what it means to be a behavioural therapist, by using one strategy of positive reinforcement (the audience were rewarded with a chocolate bar when correctly answering questions). Advice for the future: If you take courses that you like, it will lead to a career you love.
Thank you to our two talented alumni for their involvement and support of our school community. All three Career Breakfasts were great successes and featured inspirational alumni speakers. We hope you could join us at the Career Breakfasts next year.