Toronto Public Health Letter November 15, 2022

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Toronto Public Health Letter, Re: Reducing Spread of Respiratory Viruses, November 15, 2022

Dear Parents,

As we head into colder weather, the number of cold/flu cases and respiratory viruses among children have increased according to Toronto Public Health. At this time, masks are strongly recommended indoors. We will continue to follow the guidance of Toronto Public Health, The Ministry of Education and communicate any updates, where necessary.

As a reminder, if your child is sick, it is paramount that you keep them at home until they are feeling better and follow the steps outlined in this document from Toronto Public Health, upon returning to School.

Thank you for your cooperation and your support as parents in keeping our community safe and healthy for everyone.


James Lee
Head of School

Health and Safety Update

BVG News, COVID-19, Lower School, Parent Association, Prep School, Preschool, Upper School

Dear Parents,

As we wait in great anticipation of the first day of school, I wanted to take the time to provide you with some important health and safety updates in order to ensure a smooth start to our school year for everyone. There will be growing levels of excitement with the return to our full sports programs, clubs and field trips this fall.

Here are some guidelines and updates to our Health and Safety policies, some of which have been continued since last June:

– Face masks will remain optional for students and staff, including on student transportation. This is in alignment with the Ministry of Education and Toronto Public Health . It is important that we continue to respect the personal choices of individuals.

– We welcome parents into the building, by appointment only, during the school day. Please ensure that you check-in at reception upon arrival.

– Daily screening is recommended but there will not be a requirement to upload the results. This form can be accessed through this link on our School’s website.

Please ensure that you follow these steps as outlined by Toronto Public Heath should your child become ill with COVID symptoms – COVID 19 School Information for Parents & Caregivers

Over the next few days, you will receive further health and safety information from the respective Division Heads depending on what class and grade your child will be entering in for September 2022.

As we move forward, slowly and cautiously, there may be some possible adjustments ahead but we will continue to align our Health and Safety policies in accordance with the most recent updates from our Ministry of Education, Government of Ontario and Public Health Officials. We look forward to welcoming back your child for the first official day of School on Tuesday September 6, 2022.


James Lee
Head of School

Message to our Parent Community

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Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful to see the student’s returning from March Break re-energized for the final term of the school year. 

As promised, we have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation since our return from March Break to determine our next steps in implementing the Government of Ontario and Ministry of Education’s updated Covid directives for schools. Throughout this pandemic, we have always anchored our decisions on public health directives in keeping our school community safe.

Our School’s current positive case numbers are certainly up but then our historical case numbers have been very low over the course of this past school year. We continue to monitor and inform parents when a student tests positive in a grade/class and this allows you, the parents, to take the precautions necessary to adjust to your particular family’s needs.

As we move to this next phase of a gradual and safe resumption of regular activities, we have made the decision to lift the mandatory masking requirement as of Monday, April 11th, but we are strongly recommending that parents continue to encourage masking for their children.

Mandatory masking will still be required at specific times/events within the school day such as assemblies, bussing, etc. and, as a result, all students are required to bring a mask to school every day for such events. Cohorting will continue by grade until the April long weekend; after which cohorting will be removed. Daily screening is still necessary although it is not necessary to upload the results. I have included the link to the Ontario Government’s Covid-19 School and Childcare Screening Tool as well as Toronto Public Health’s most recent Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire which can be used for your child’s daily screening questionnaire.

All other protocols with respect to positive cases and how they are managed will remain in place.

As you would expect, we will continue to carefully monitor the situation and will not hesitate to re-adjust our protocols, if necessary. We will continue to provide updates regularly. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. Now more than ever we appreciate your assistance and cooperation as we slowly and cautiously move forward in resuming normal school activities while respecting individual masking choices.

Updated Vaccination Policy and Clinic

COVID-19, Lower School, Prep School, Upper School

Dear Parents,

Attached please find an updated copy of the School’s Vaccination Policy (pdf) and the NYGH COVID-19 Vaccines (pdf) Children and Young Adult Clinic information for January 25th and 26th.

The term “Eligible Student” has been expanded to include all students from age 5 to Grade 12.

The current definition of vaccination is two doses of the vaccine. 

If your child has received one dose of their Covid-19 vaccination, please upload this information to (link) if you have not done so.

Medical Exemption: The process to receive a Medical Exemption is attached (pdf). Please review it and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

Winter 2022 COVID-19 Update


Dear Parents,

I hope this finds you safe, well and enjoying the much-needed break.

The following is a Covid-19 update as it relates to the school and what we know to be true right now based on today’s announcement from Dr. Kieran Moore.

Our plans at this point are as follows and subject to continued updates based on ongoing information from the Ministry of Education and Toronto Public Health.

1. School will reopen for in-person learning on January 5th.

2. All students and staff will have completed a Rapid Antigen Test on December 29th and January 4th. Only students with a negative test may attend school. A positive Rapid Antigen test must be treated in the same way as a PCR test. Students with a positive result from a rapid antigen test will no longer be required or encouraged to get a confirmatory PCR molecular test. A positive rapid test result requires a quarantine of ten (10) days for unvaccinated students and five (5) days for those who are vaccinated following the onset of symptoms or date of test if asymptomatic. Their household contacts are also required to isolate with them. The isolation period can end after the applicable time period only if their symptoms have improved.

3. The current vaccination rate for our 5 to 11 year old students is 50%. If your child has received their Covid-19 vaccination, please upload this information to This information will help us and Toronto Public Health in planning for the students in the event of an outbreak.

4. Daily Screening for symptoms is even more important now as we return to school with the new Omicron variant. Students who arrive without a completed daily screening will be sent home. A more rigorous screening and monitoring system will be updated shortly as per the Chief Medical Officer’s direction. Err on the side of caution and if your child is feeling unwell, keep them home for on-line learning and proper eligible testing. Any sign of ill health should be treated as a potential Covid-19 symptom.

5. There will be no interschool sports initially until all schools have an opportunity to assess the environment and ensure the safety of our student athletes.

Thank you for your continued commitment to keeping the entire school community safe. Together, we will get through this next challenging period and look forward to a happy and healthy 2022.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

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Dear Parents,

The BVG Clinic organized by Dr. Maria Muraca, the Medical Director of the North York Family Health Team (NYFHT) for the 21st of December ran out of space so quickly that Dr. Muraca has graciously offered extra clinic hours on December 15, 16, 17, 20, 21 and 23.

You can now go on online and book. 

Step 1: Click on this link:
Step 2: Click on the Flu Shot tab (you have to do this to get to the Covid Vaccine Page)
Step 3: Choose the type of Covid 19 Vaccine you are looking for
Step 4: Pick a day and time to be vaccinated
Step 5: Repeat if necessary

The clinic is located at 240 Duncan Mill Road, Suite 803. This location is right across the street from the Lower School Campus. Here is a Google map image to show the exact location:

There is parking at the building and the clinic is located on the 8th floor in the medical office, Suite 803.

For the BVG Vaccine Clinic, families and staff may start booking vaccine appointments as soon as possible. The clinic will be open to the following groups:
• children aged 5 to 11 years
• children 12 years of age and up for first and second doses
• third doses for all those eligible who have had their last dose at least 6 months ago (50+, health care workers, and those with immunocompromised health conditions).

Rapid Antigen Testing for Grade 7 to 12


Dear Parents, 

Today you will receive via your child a Rapid Antigen Test Kit. These tests are to be administered on December 29th, January 2nd and January 5th as an added precaution prior to the start of school.

The results of these tests must be uploaded through the Thrive App and you will be receiving instructions from our I.T. Department on how to do this. If your child tests positive, they must stay home and take a PCR test at an accredited centre.

If you have any questions, please call your Assistant Head of School.

Final COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Case Advisories

BVG has one positive Covid case in the Upper School. Toronto Public Health are currently investigating this case and we will advise you shortly as to their recommendations. All close contacts are currently self-isolating and getting tested.