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Class Reps

Alumni Class Reps are very important! You represent a connection between Bayview Glen and your class. The more you remain committed to strengthening this bond the more effective you will be as a rep.

1991 Pak Leung / Robin Elliott
1992 Paul Mand
1993 Sameer Alibhai
1994 Eni Kadiri
1995 Zahid Alibhai
1996 Ankur Durdani / James Thimio
1997 Imran Patel
1998 Andrew Milne / Christine Cruz-Clarke
1999 Moez Kassam
2000 Richelle Chapman / Joy Paterson
2001 Jordan Gracey
2002 Priya Kumar / Tara Steingart
2003 Mike Huang / John Huang / Will Mauro / Yafa Sakkejha
2004 Robert Spektor / Iqbal Multani
2005 Mackenzie Sharpe / Christina Doulaverakis / Jocelyn Lau
2006 Alexandra Kondrat
2007 Mike Przbylowski
2008 Christopher Yeretsian
2009 Stacey Hunter / Yanique Somji
2010 Daniella Brown
2011 Marina Spalla / Keara Rodd / Jenna-Lynn Watson / Christopher Williamson
2012 Nayantara Ghosh / Christian Medeiros / Sarita Parmar / Leanne Przybylowski / Nisha Singh
2013 Rachael DiMenna / Emily Gayda / Daniel Herrmann / Bree Menon / Bailey Schaefer / Callum Scott / Ioannis Servinis
2014 Aiishwariya Haran / Pradeepa Kumarasamy / Bardia Monavari / Jeffrey Pong
2015 Christian Mele / Yong Shen
2016 Brandon Malamis
2017 Christopher Alexiev / Wesley Leung
2018 Katherine Tom
2019 Defne Eriskon / William Stanfield
2020 Yalda Homayoun / Stevie Lende
2021 Emiko Wijeysundera

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in alumni activities and encourage classmates to join you
  • Contact classmates prior to alumni events
  • Act as a liaison between the class and school in updating classmates about the school and keeping the school informed about alumni
  • Keep the school informed of address and employment changes for you and your classmates
  • Share any information for possible publication in The Glen or school newsletters
  • Help locate lost alumni
  • Attend meetings and events as required
  • Help with the reunion/homecoming planning
  • Support the school financially. All gifts are tax receiptable
  • Promote the importance of alumni giving and participation in the Annual Fund
  • Participate in phon-a-thons when scheduling permits and follow up with telephone calls

If you are interested to be a Class Rep or would like to contact your Class Rep, please contact Mandy Lau, Director of Alumni Relations, at