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Lower School


Lower School

Corina Gill's picture

Corina Gill

Assistant Head of the Lower School
Ext: 608
Joanne Bach's picture

Joanne Bach

Lower School Learning Strategist
Ext: 576
Kelly Baranieski's picture

Kelly Baranieski

Specialist Teacher, Music
Private Music Lessons Programme Director
Ext: 314
Steven Baumgartner's picture

Steven Baumgartner

L4B Teacher
Ext: 228
Marie Bertuzzi's picture

Marie Bertuzzi

L4C Teacher
Ext: 230
Dimitra Bexis's picture

Dimitra Bexis

SK 2 Teacher
Ext: 231
Brittany Camilleri's picture

Brittany Camilleri

SK2 teacher
Vanessa Civan's picture

Vanessa Civan

Gr 5 Teacher - on maternity leave
Ext: 330
Stephen Cwirenko's picture

Stephen Cwirenko

L5D Teacher
Ext: 226
Kathy Denison's picture

Kathy Denison

L5C Teacher
Ext: 281
Jesse Denison's picture

Jesse Denison

Director of Teaching and Learning, Lower School
Ext: 573
Tracy DesLauriers's picture

Tracy DesLauriers

L2C Teacher
Ext: 542
Daphne Dunlap's picture

Daphne Dunlap

L2B Teacher
Ext: 312
Robin Elliott's picture

Robin Elliott

Specialist Teacher, Art
Ext: 545
Amanda Escott's picture

Amanda Escott

L1B Teacher
Ext: 282
Melissa Freedman's picture

Melissa Freedman

Lower School Learning Strategist
Ext: 541
Paul Ganley's picture

Paul Ganley

Specialist Teacher, Phys. Ed.
Ext: 339
Alexandra Iorgu's picture

Alexandra Iorgu

Visual Arts Teacher
Hillary Johnson's picture

Hillary Johnson

L2A Teacher
Ext: 227
Gareth Jones's picture

Gareth Jones

L4A Teacher
Leah Kanary's picture

Leah Kanary

L5B Teacher
Ext: 532
Anila Kongoli's picture

Anila Kongoli

Specialist Teacher, Modern Languages
Ext: 275
Melissa Lende's picture

Melissa Lende

L3C Teacher
Ext: 589
Maria Lino's picture

Maria Lino

SK1 Teacher
Ext: 551
Madison Mackenzie's picture

Madison Mackenzie

L3B Teacher
Ext: 578
James McCarter's picture

James McCarter

L3A Teacher
Ext: 289
Jackie McDonald's picture

Jackie McDonald

Lower School Librarian
Ext: 291
Jason Meingarten's picture

Jason Meingarten

Science and Technology Integration Specialist
Ext: 284
Diane Mills's picture

Diane Mills

L1A Teacher
Ext: 293
Ali Nagthall's picture

Ali Nagthall

Phys. Ed Teacher JK, 2 and 3
Prep School Grade 8 Phys. Ed
Bobbi Neville's picture

Bobbi Neville

Specialist Teacher, Phys. Ed.
Ext: 339
Danny Neville's picture

Danny Neville

Lower School Teacher-Librarian
Ext: 299
May Raouda's picture

May Raouda

Specialist Teacher, French
Ext: 327
Ea-Ling Seun's picture

Ea-Ling Seun

Music Teacher
Ext: 345
Susie Simmons's picture

Susie Simmons

Specialist Teacher, Music
Ext: 315
Harrison Snowdon's picture

Harrison Snowdon

L5A Teacher
Ext: 221
Cornelia Stancescu's picture

Cornelia Stancescu

Administrative Assistant, Preschool and Lower School
Ext: 637
Kristen Warlow's picture

Kristen Warlow

Specialist Teacher, French
Ext: 320
Katherine Weidner's picture

Katherine Weidner

L1C Teacher
Ext: 321
Karen Weissmann's picture

Karen Weissmann

SK3 Teacher
Ext: 255
Heather Woodard's picture

Heather Woodard

Athletic Director
Ext: 335
Nethalie Yau's picture

Nethalie Yau

SK1 Teacher - on maternity leave
Ext: 326