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Bayview Glen

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Founder's Day With a Hi-tech Twist

Monday, February 6, 2017

Bayview Glen's history is traditionally presented at our annual Founder's Day assembly, and beautifully encapsulated in the display case outside the JTM Guest Theatre. This year, an Upper School mentor group led by Andrew Moore, wanted to find a way to share the many personal stories that members of the BVG family have accumulated over the years.

The group spoke with students, staff, faculty, and alumni to find out the specific places in the school that hold special memories for them.

Their stories are on display, scattered throughout the school, during the week of Founder's Day. By scanning the displays with the free Layar app, visitors can watch the posters come alive, and listen as members of our community tell the stories that make this such a special place.

A unique hashtag #BVGmemories is being used to continue the conversation on social media.

The group received a wide variety of submissions, including one from a student who told interviewers one of the stairwells provided creative inspiration during her first year at the Upper School: "It seemed like a good place for two grade nines to attempt to write a best-selling novel series!" A member of the faculty reminisced about how the front parking lot (once a sports field) always reminds him of the first-ever BVG Field Hockey Team. Another student remembers the smell of fresh paint when the new Prep School was completed: "It was a moving experience knowing that I would be part of the first generation that graduated from the new Prep School."

It is often said that a place is only as good as its people; our mentor group believes that a place's history is only as rich as the memories it provides. In undertaking this project, we certainly discovered that Bayview Glen, in its
55 years and counting, has created more memories than we could ever count.

Mr. Moore's mentor group consists of: Lilly, David, Nealie, Krisco, Afra, Zachary, ,Vahid. Aaron, Mehdi, Caitlyn, Katherine.