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How it Felt for Team All Systems Code to win the 3rd Place Champion’s Award at FIRST LEGO League's East Ontario Championships

Monday, February 3, 2020


On January 11 at the FIRST LEGO League East Ontario Championships, all 40 teams from the province gathered to hear the results of the competition. When we heard our team called for the third-place Champion’s Award, there were no words to accurately capture the feeling of intense joy our team felt. We were all in utter disbelief that this was happening.

We were all on edge, unsure if we would move on or not. This was the culmination of our hard work and continued effort throughout this season. Our coaches and mentors told us to take off our sweatshirts, just in case we got called up for an award. We were positive we would not move on because we thought the incredibly innovative ideas of the other teams were so strong, but we took them off anyway. 

We thought we might go to the Ontario Innovation Celebration. This did not happen.  Perhaps, an award for our project, still nothing. Then, it was time for our fate to be decided. Time seemed to slow down. When the announcer said, “In third place, team number 2-1-5-4-4, All Systems Code,” we all jumped up and started cheering and screaming. A massive tsunami of relief flooded over us. We had done it, and we were going to an international competition! We sprinted down from our seats and received our award. When we arrived at the photo station, we all started hugging each other. It was so surreal.

We have had innumerable enlightening experiences together, and we treat each other like family. Through the season, we have laughed and learned together, while further strengthening our friendships with each other. 

We are team All Systems Code and we will continue to work hard together in the pursuit of learning. Maybe, if we are lucky, we will hear our team’s name called again at our International Competition. Stay tuned.