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Viewpoint — our annual showcase celebrating notable Bayview Glen (BVG) alumni is hot off the print and digital press!

The 2023 edition of the magazine focuses on the theme of transitions, delving into how each featured alumnus has navigated change throughout their academic and professional paths, after graduating from BVG.

And new this year, digital extras — in the interactive version!
Click on the green icons sprinkled throughout the digital edition of the magazine to view additional content.

The sixth edition of Viewpoint features:
Alumni profiles
Staff and faculty perspectives  
Class of 2023 features
Honoured Classes spanning 25 years

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Each feature story explores the specific role BVG played in preparing these former graduates for their journey and examines how they have used that knowledge and insight in their pursuits.

The 32-page magazine also takes a glimpse into the world of six graduates from the Class of 2023, peering into their contributions while students at BVG and what’s next for them.

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