Letter to Parents


Dear Parents,

One last time in this school year, I write to you to let you know that the students will complete their year online. We are fortunate to have a robust online programme and a plan already in the works for the end of year celebrations. These will be different depending on the division of the school your child is in but there is something planned for everyone.

Please watch out for the particulars that apply to your child which will be coming shortly from your Assistant Head.

September looms large and plans are already in the works for “in-person” programme delivery for all students. Not all details are ironed out yet, but we are ready to go once we receive the go ahead and the Covid restrictions required by the government.

On another topic, our renovation of our Duncan Mill Campus is moving along and is scheduled to be completed in the Fall, at which time the construction of our new Athletic Facility will begin.

We are looking forward to this exciting and much anticipated milestone.