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Making the Cut; Prep Student Takes Top Prize on Chopped Canada Junior

Monday, October 17, 2016

For Ryan Valentino, cooking is a passion that started from a very young age. She’s been officially “operating” the family stove since the age of 5 and regularly watches cooking shows for her own inspiration. So when the Grade 6 student saw the opportunity to audition for Chopped Canada Junior on the Food Network, she jumped at the chance. The taping was a thrilling experience with a behind the scenes look at the world of television and entertainment. The cooking competition was 30 minutes including multiple shots of the judging and other production elements.

Ryan trained extensively before the show and was particularly strong on her timing with the appetizer portion. Her hard work paid off as she was declared the winner of Chopped Canada Junior. Ryan’s mom Heather says all the sticky drawer handles and sink full of dirty dishes has paid off.  Ryan is now an independent chef who makes family supper twice a week, loves to create and is always looking to try something new.

Watch episode here.