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Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario (CIS Ontario)

Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario is a collegial group of 47 member schools working together to advance educational excellence in Ontario Independent schools. For more information, visit


Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools is a community of 95 independent schools in Canada, whose mission is to explore and pursue exemplary leadership, training, research and international standards of educational excellence. Formerly CESI and SEAL. For more information, visit




Round Square (RS)

Round Square is an international association of more than 150 schools worldwide sharing unique and ambitious goals. Students attending Round Square schools make a strong commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility. This is achieved by participating in community service, work projects, exchange programmes and adventuring, which can, and often does, take students half way around the world. For more information, visit



Advanced Placement (AP)

Since its inception in 1955, Advanced Placement (AP) has motivated high school students with the opportunity to take college-level courses in a high school setting. There are currently more than 110,000 teachers leading AP courses in high schools worldwide. For more information, visit




Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative is a one-of-a-kind educational programme that gives young people hands-on experience in social change and empowers them to participate in the development of their communities. For more information, visit