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Music and Celebration of Spring Inspire Students to Give

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

With the backdrop of the Savannah, the Grade One Spring Festival was an escape to the beauty of Africa. The performers helped bring the continent to life with the sights and sounds of many of the regions amazing animals and cultural traditions. Spring Festivals are an honoured tradition in the Lower School.  They provide students with rich opportunities to stretch their comfort zones and embrace the art of performance. This year's "On Safari" festival in Grade One provided an additional opportunity to learn.

 Two students were so inspired by the African theme, they set out to learn more about this remarkable part of the world. After visiting Unicef’s website, they discovered children in Africa are in need of some of life’s necessities such as food and water.   Cienne and Nya (who are twin sisters!) made presentations and posters to raise awareness of Unicef’s famine relief campaign.  Together they raised funds from the Bayview community and on behalf of the Grade One classes, made a donation to Unicef to help them continue their important work.