Navigating the COVID News Presentation by Farah Nasser

COVID-19, Events, Parent Association
Navigating the covid news, Farah Nasser, global new co-anchor 5.30 and 6.30 news

Our Parent Association virtual general meeting was held on January 19, 2021 via Zoom, and we were excited to welcome Farah Nasser, Global 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. News Co-Anchor, to our meeting.

Farah spoke to us about how to navigate the news cycle. She shared key insights on how to look at news through a critical eye. Helping us understand how to find trustworthy news sources and speak to our children about what is happening in the news that is age appropriate.

To access Farah’s full presentation, please follow the link shared on Edsby, available exclusively to the Bayview Glen school community.

Tips when the news get scary. Be transparent, honest, but they don't need to know everything. Reassure them they are safe. Search for the positive part of the story. highlight helpers so they don't just remeber the negative part of the story. Point kids to the future. Even when things are unresolved, point to a picture of what it will be like to look back. Teach your kids about similar, historical events that have happened in the past. Fill their need for resolution.