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Ready, Set, Innovate!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Two of our award-winning robotics teams have qualified to take part in the second annual Ontario Innovation Celebration (OIC) hosted by FIRST Robotics Canada and ventureLAB.  The FLL competition has several elements.  Designing, building and programming a robot is one aspect but teams are also challenged to identify a real-world problem related to a theme and propose an innovative solution.   This year, FIRST LEGO League‘s theme is ANIMAL ALLIES and the challenge is to improve our interactions with animals. 

The February 25th event in Markham will feature 18 of Ontario’s most innovative ANIMAL ALLIES solutions at one location, and teams will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. The judges will then select the two most innovative solutions to represent Ontario at in the Global Innovation Award competition, the winner of which will receive $20,000 to make their innovation a reality.  Leading up to the showcase, teams will have the opportunity to receive professional coaching from industry experts in innovation and how to make a professional sales pitch.

UPDATE:  Feb, 27/17  Ctrl-Z took home the Problem Identification Award. The team is absolutely thrilled with the result and look forward to incorporating many of the takeaways from the OIC into their preparations for their next competition.

The Pitch: Ctrl-Z Bayview Glen’s innovative solution is Pinder Pet Finder, a smart pet collar that helps to reunite you with your lost dog or cat.  Your furry friend wears the collar, and it connects to your phone by Bluetooth.   If your loved one wanders away, the Bluetooth signal is lost and Pinder goes into SOS mode announcing, both visually and audibly, that the animal is lost and brightly displaying the owner’s contact information for passersby to see.  Watch how it works here.

The Pitch: Team RED has designed a Thermo Bot. It’s an autonomous robot with a built in thermometer that constantly monitors the temperature of barn hay. It relays temperature information to farmer’s phones via push notifications. The goal is to prevent barn fires and save the animals and resources that would be destroyed if fire was to occur.  Watch how it works here.

Six String Nation Ignites National Pride on Flag Day

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"My goal was to put this guitar in people's hands so they truly understood the essences of citizenship. It's actually a piece of history that you play." - Jowi Taylor, February 15, 2017

Canada's most famous guitar was held, played and celebrated in three separate Bayview Glen assemblies to the delight of hundreds of our students. More than two decades in the making, Six String Nation is the legacy project started by award-winning writer and CBC broadcaster Jowi Taylor. On an invitation from the Prep School's own Scott Milligan, Mr Taylor spoke to enthralled audiences about the guitar's journey.  64 symbolic pieces, from Pierre Trudeau's canoe paddle to Rocket Richard's Stanley Cup ring, are woven into this one-of-a-kind guitar. Mr Taylor traveled all over the country collecting important artifacts and significant objects. "I soon realized I wasn't just gathering stuff, I was gathering stories," said Taylor.  He spoke of being frustrated with the cliché stereotypes of our country that include donuts and hockey.  "We are so much more than that," said Taylor. "We have to get better at telling our own stories so we have a deeper understanding of what it means to be Canadian."

Several of our students played the guitar, nick-named Voyageur, at each of the assemblies.

Mr Taylor said his project has been a transformative experience and its impact has been far-reaching. With the celebration of Canada's 150th birthday this year, Six String Nation is much in demand.

On the way out of the presentation, students chatted with each other about their favourite part of the guitar while others crowded around the stage hoping to have a chance to hold Voyageur. As everyone trickled back to class, Mr Taylor packed up the guitar  as he prepared for his next school visit where more students will celebrate Canadian heritage six strings at a time.

For more photos click here

Read Jowi Taylor's blog about his visit to Bayview Glen.




Mandarin club celebrates Chinese New Year with a sea of colour

Friday, January 27, 2017

The year of the Rooster!

Every culture has special traditions and celebrates significant events. The Chinese culture is no exception. The most important of these events is the Lunar New Year. As the name suggests, Lunar New Year follows the Lunar calendar. This year,  January 28 will mark the year of the rooster.

To celebrate this special occasion, on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 the Mandarin club teachers and the team from Yu-Shan Chinese culture organized several activities for the students to experience the traditional rituals. These included: painting the lion’s face, the lion dance and the God of Wealth. Students and guests had their pictures taken with this very special guest who handed out red-packets with Mrs. Gill. 

About 70 students and parents participated in the event. For a couple of hours, the students were immersed in Chinese culture, and learned more about Chinese traditions through listening, speaking, and dancing.

The Mandarin Club teaches students from JK level through to grade 8 advanced level. If you are interested in your child joining the Mandarin programme or if you have any questions, please contact the coordinator – Ms. Stephany Liu or email for further information.

Bayview Glen's robotics teams win big at Provincials

Monday, January 16, 2017

Two of Bayview Glen's robotics teams had outstanding results at the FIRST LEGO League (FLL)  East Provincial Championships this past weekend at UOIT/Durham College campus in Oshawa. Ctrl Z won top prize winning the Champions Award first place and will now move on to the FIRST Championships in St. Louis. Team RED won the core value award for inspiration for their performance.  Both teams were two of seven to be invited to the prestigious Ontario Global Innovation Celebration to be held next month in Markham. There is a research component to the robotics programme. Along with building and operating robots, students are challenged to create an innovative solution to a problem.  This year's theme is Animal Allies - making our interactions with animals better.  Ctrl-Z created Pinder Pet Finder while Team RED focussed on technology that would help save animals from barn fires. Read more about the tournament in the Durham College news.



Ctrl -Z Team: Alex Alexiev, Harrison Cazzin, Brianna Gonzalez, Mackenzie Clark, Daniel Gonzalez, Trent Rossos, Matthew Wong

  Team RED: Zac Velshi, Philip Miret, Jacqueline Fung, Justin Fung, Arman Momeni, Evelyn Tom, Aliya Hirji, Yorsa Hashim   
Coaches: Jason Meingarten, Eric Borromeo   Coaches: Megan Lai, Imaan Hirji, Kody Maclean,Jahan Momeni  
Mentors: Chris Alexiev, Alex Mark    


Read-a-Thon you say? Bayview Glen is all in

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bayview Glen has an amazing reputation for its outstanding support for the MS Read-A-Thon, and was once again recognized as the top fundraising school in Canada for the 2015-2016 campaign, raising $14,000! This year’s MS-Read-A-Thon will commence with the kick-off assemblies for Gr. 1-5 students at the Lower School on Friday, January 13, 2017.

Students are already excitedly awaiting the announcement of prizes and class contests for this year’s campaign. Please support your child’s efforts to read and raise funds for this worthwhile cause. The Read-A-Thon will continue until Friday, February 3. Students will have at least two weeks after the end of the Read-A-Thon to collect pledges. Let the reading begin!



Celebrating 15 years of partnership with Better Beginnings

Friday, December 9, 2016

Bayview Glen began its partnership with Adventure Place- Better Beginnings as it was just launching its Holiday Hamper Programme in 2001.  The charitable organization works with young, vulnerable families to ensure healthy development of children up to six years of age. These families may be new to the country and having difficulty learning a new language, finding work, coping with a restricted budget, or finding it challenging accessing community services. Each class and mentor group at Bayview Glen fill a hamper for a selected family.  The students are given a few details about their designated family including the ages of the children and their interests. Donations are sorted, packed and labeled for distribution. Volunteers from the school and Adventure Place hand deliver the gifts in early December. 

Fast Facts:

15                   The number of years Bayview Glen has partnered with Adventure Place – Better Beginnings

1450               To date the number of hampers packed for families

75                    Families supported each year

$67, 500         Approximate amount of gift cards donated over 15 years


QR codes help break the ice

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend can be a key benchmark for students at the start of a new school year. Why? Well, it's widely believed five to six weeks is about the right amount of time for routines to settle and for classmates to connect with each other.  A unique project in a grade 5 classroom helped with the connecting part of the story thanks to a high-tech twist.  Enter QR codes.  Instead of simply writing down a paragraph about themselves, Ms Civan had each of her students voice a story about themselves and attach a QR code. The codes, along with a photograph, were posted on each student's locker outside the classroom. With the help of a smart phone, anyone could scan the code and learn more about her fifth graders. "I like using a variety of tools to help my students communicate in different ways," said Ms Civan. "The voice recording feature and the codes themselves had the kids excited about trying something new."  Families were invited on a "gallery walk" on curriculum night to explore the many stories that were easily accessible with a quick scan of a phone. "It was a huge hit.  Now my students are eager to try a new piece of technology for their next project!" said Ms Civan.

The Staying Power of the Iconic Red Bag

Friday, September 16, 2016

Photo of

Douglas Armour was on a mission.  He wanted to surprise his brother, who lives in Vancouver, with something special for his birthday.  A drive by Bayview Glen was all the inspiration he needed.  Douglas had an idea.  He remembered that his brother was extremely fond of his little red bag he received as a young child from the Bayview Glen Day camp.  (the bag is now officially a Preschool must have item). After his parents downsized from their Toronto home, Douglas says the red bag disappeared.  So he set his sights on finding his brother this cherished gift.  As it turned out, a phone call was all he needed.  Admissions Director Judy Maxwell was delighted to grant a birthday wish.  A little red bag was waiting for Douglas as he arrived at our school on a beautiful fall afternoon. His hope is to deliver the surprise in person, but if not, his soon to be 58 year old sibling will receive a package in the mail featuring a small red bag packed full of memories.  

Outstanding turn out for Fall Fest 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Thanks to brilliant blue skies and comfortable temperatures, it was a quintessential fall day for the annual Fall Fest and Family Fun Run on Sunday.  Families poured into the turf lot at Moatfield campus to take in the bouncy castle, music, games,food and so much more. 

Thanks to the hard work by the Parent Association Committee and dozens of student volunteers, the event was a massive success.  A popular spot again this year - the dunk tank!

A special thanks to our Parent Association exec and conveners for all their hard work.