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Prep School

Mentorship Flourishes with First Nations Partnership

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Members from Bayview Glen’s award winning robotics team Ctrl-Z welcomed students from the First Nations School of Toronto to the Moatfield campus for an afternoon of learning and collaboration. Ctrl-Z’s reputation for mentoring and running robotic workshops led a representative from FIRST LEGO League (FLL) to suggest the two teams meet and form a partnership. This is the second year for the First Nations School to compete in FLL. The school’s team, Tribe Called Tech, is led by teacher Sharla Falodi.  She said their program is in its infancy and they are grateful for the opportunity to learn from more experienced students. Tribe Called Tech placed second in core values at regionals last year and qualified for the Provincial Championship. The team’s goal this year is to continue advancing the students thinking and to focus on making their robots more sophisticated. “We don’t have a lot of resources and time to work with the students since many commute from all over the city but we are determined to take our performance to the next level.” Sharla said.

Problem solving and communication skills were on display as the teams worked side by side in the Design Lab. “Robotics can be challenging and it’s easy to get stuck,” said parent coach Eric Borromeo. “If a team can receive just a few pointers from an experienced team, it can transform a frustrating season into a very rewarding one.”

Members of Ctrl-Z look forward to visiting the First Nations School to witness a traditional Big Circle celebration where staff and students tell stories, sing songs and hear teachings about the values that are important to Aboriginal people.   

Smart Sort Trash Bin presented at major consumer show

Thursday, November 3, 2016

On Saturday, October 29th, current and former members of Team  Ctrl-Z promoted Bayview Glen and FIRST Robotics by presenting their 2015/2016 innovative solution, the Smart Sort Trash Bin, as part of the Young Innovators Showcase at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show in Richmond Hill. TAVES, which attracted approximately 6,500 attendees, showcased cutting-edge technology and innovation in the areas of virtual reality, drones, gaming, audio, 3D printing and much more.  

The team’s Smart Sort Trash Bin is made up of a number of trash compartments. The lids of each compartment are attached to servo motors, which are connected to a computer.  All the consumer has to do is say what he/she would like to throw out, and the bin uses voice recognition to open the correct bin. When the waste is thrown into the bin, a fact about waste and recycling is displayed on the screen to educate the consumer.  The members of Ctrl-Z were excited to share their Trash Trek innovative solution one last time before immersing itself into the current robotics season, Animal Allies.    


The Pitch is on; Ctrl-Z team heads to Tech Show with award winning trash bin

Thursday, October 27, 2016

TAVES, a consumer electronics show taking place this weekend, is known as the place to be seen by tech-savvy consumers and industry types looking for the next “big thing”.  Ctrl-Z is one of nine teams invited to take part in the TAVES’ Young Innovators showcase.  The goal is to celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship in teens and pre-teens and to inspire others to explore their entrepreneurial spirit.  Participants are required to make a 5 - 7 minute presentation about their product.  Ctrl-Z will be talking about their Smart Sort Trash bin.

It uses voice recognition to help the user sort waste, diverting valuable waste materials away from landfills. Other schools invited to the event are making presentations on everything from a mobile app that connects babysitters with parents to an indicator slip that detects blood alcohol content by testing saliva. The show takes place this Saturday at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North & Best Western Hotels in Richmond Hill.

Making the Cut; Prep Student Takes Top Prize on Chopped Canada Junior

Monday, October 17, 2016

For Ryan Valentino, cooking is a passion that started from a very young age. She’s been officially “operating” the family stove since the age of 5 and regularly watches cooking shows for her own inspiration. So when the Grade 6 student saw the opportunity to audition for Chopped Canada Junior on the Food Network, she jumped at the chance. The taping was a thrilling experience with a behind the scenes look at the world of television and entertainment. The cooking competition was 30 minutes including multiple shots of the judging and other production elements.

Ryan trained extensively before the show and was particularly strong on her timing with the appetizer portion. Her hard work paid off as she was declared the winner of Chopped Canada Junior. Ryan’s mom Heather says all the sticky drawer handles and sink full of dirty dishes has paid off.  Ryan is now an independent chef who makes family supper twice a week, loves to create and is always looking to try something new.

Watch episode here.