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Bayview Glen

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A Painted Lady - a beautiful symbol of change

Monday, June 19, 2017

Each year the Junior Kindergarten students nurture and witness the metamorphosis of a butterfly. The children learn to be gentle and patient as they observe the caterpillars growing and spinning their chrysalis. For two weeks they wait for the Painted Lady Butterflies to emerge. Sometimes the timing is right and students actually get to see the butterflies unfold out of the chrysalis and then dry their wings. The children prepare sugar water and pick flowers so the butterflies can draw strength before flying off into our Bayview Glen Valley, a chorus of little voices calling after them "good bye butterflies"! 

This is always a heart felt moment as it also happens to coincide with graduation. The growth and changes our JKs go through in a year is truly like a metamorphosis. Our little butterflies are off to SK with wings stretched and ready for anything. 

April Wiles Robinson - JK teacher