Parent Community Update

COVID-19, COVID-19 Case Advisories

Dear Parents,

On Sunday evening we found out that an Afterschool Programme counsellor tested positive for Covid19. Toronto Public Health has been investigating this case also and the parents of those students were apprised of the situation immediately in order to keep everyone safe. These students have also been learning online as we waited for the recommendations from Toronto Public Health.

Toronto Public Health has now completed their investigation down to the length of time each student spent in the programme.

Also, all Afterschool staff have been tested. Toronto Public Health determined that the Food Services case and this case are not linked.

We remained vigilant. Please take daily screening seriously as we all work together to keep our students safe. Please also note that should any student or staff in contact with your child test positive for Covid-19, you will be notified immediately.

The community at large will be notified when the case has been investigated and we are in a position to report thoroughly on the findings, and their impact on the school as a whole.