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QR codes help break the ice

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend can be a key benchmark for students at the start of a new school year. Why? Well, it's widely believed five to six weeks is about the right amount of time for routines to settle and for classmates to connect with each other.  A unique project in a grade 5 classroom helped with the connecting part of the story thanks to a high-tech twist.  Enter QR codes.  Instead of simply writing down a paragraph about themselves, Ms Civan had each of her students voice a story about themselves and attach a QR code. The codes, along with a photograph, were posted on each student's locker outside the classroom. With the help of a smart phone, anyone could scan the code and learn more about her fifth graders. "I like using a variety of tools to help my students communicate in different ways," said Ms Civan. "The voice recording feature and the codes themselves had the kids excited about trying something new."  Families were invited on a "gallery walk" on curriculum night to explore the many stories that were easily accessible with a quick scan of a phone. "It was a huge hit.  Now my students are eager to try a new piece of technology for their next project!" said Ms Civan.