At Bayview Glen, academics are of the foremost importance. Students are expected to be challenged, and encouraged to challenge themselves. We have an academically rigorous programme across the entire school, and in the Prep students begin working at an even more accelerated pace in order to be prepared for their studies in the Upper School. With our advanced academic classes, students typically are working at one year ahead of their peers in other schools. By the time they finish Grade 8, our students will have had the opportunity to earn Grade 9 credits in Math, French, Integrated Arts, and Mandarin (optional – After School). Earning these credits in Grade 8 allows students the background and opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses in Grades 11 and 12.

One of the Core Values at Bayview Glen is balance. Students enjoy the balance of studying English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and French, Spanish, Art, Music, and Physical and Health Education; educating the whole child in mind as well as body.

While encouraging students to work hard for the sake of learning, we also encourage our students to excel. We provide positive reinforcement and recognition for high achievement through awards, medals, scholarships, and other accolades, including:

Prep School Awards

  • Art Award
  • Athlete of the Year Awards
  • Bayview Glen Award
  • Bayview Glen Diplomas
  • Head’s Honour Awards
  • Elizabeth Lobb Memorial Awards for Music Instrumental
  • Elizabeth Lobb Memorial Awards for Music Vocal
  • Henriette Azar French Awards
  • June Potts Awards for Physical Excellence
  • Newcomer Award
  • Pythagoras Math Awards
  • Rowe Award
  • Spanish Awards
  • Spirit Award
  • Valedictorian