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Smart Sort Trash Bin presented at major consumer show

Thursday, November 3, 2016

On Saturday, October 29th, current and former members of Team  Ctrl-Z promoted Bayview Glen and FIRST Robotics by presenting their 2015/2016 innovative solution, the Smart Sort Trash Bin, as part of the Young Innovators Showcase at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show in Richmond Hill. TAVES, which attracted approximately 6,500 attendees, showcased cutting-edge technology and innovation in the areas of virtual reality, drones, gaming, audio, 3D printing and much more.  

The team’s Smart Sort Trash Bin is made up of a number of trash compartments. The lids of each compartment are attached to servo motors, which are connected to a computer.  All the consumer has to do is say what he/she would like to throw out, and the bin uses voice recognition to open the correct bin. When the waste is thrown into the bin, a fact about waste and recycling is displayed on the screen to educate the consumer.  The members of Ctrl-Z were excited to share their Trash Trek innovative solution one last time before immersing itself into the current robotics season, Animal Allies.