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Bayview Glen

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Standing Up in Front of the Crowd - A Student Perspective

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hi, I’m Leela Bhide and I’m in L5A. Being part of the Annual CIS Public Speaking Contest has been a wonderful experience. The final competition was held at Royal St. George’s College (RSGC). I can’t believe I got to represent Bayview Glen with my speech: The Do’s and Don’t’s of Travelling. I spoke about how to be safe while travelling and some fun suggestions to make it more memorable. To get to the RSGC contest, I went through three rounds at Bayview Glen in which the judges and audiences were different. First I presented my speech to my class, then to the entire grade, and lastly only to the Grade 5 homeroom teachers. I would like to congratulate all my fellow classmates who participated in these rounds - all of your speeches were great! I am very thankful that my friends and teachers chose me to represent Bayview Glen! This is the first year that the Grade 5’s at BVG have participated in this competition so I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous and excited but when I got there I realized that everyone was probably feeling the same way as me. After this competition, I learned that public speaking is an important academic skill that will help you throughout your life. It was fun to write my speech and there are so many interesting topics to speak about! I look forward to participating again next year!