The Order of the Gryphon

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Friday, December 2, we celebrated significant milestones at Bayview Glen. A sincere congratulations to the faculty and staff members who have reached their 10th, 15th and 20th year milestones and to Frances Lambert – on her beloved retirement. It was a tremendous honour to celebrate this special moment together.

For those who were unable to attend the event, a new distinction will be recognized going forward called The Order of The Gryphon. You are all aware that the Gryphon is our School’s mascot. This mythical animal can be interpreted as a heroic symbol, that intersects the lion’s valour with the elegance of the eagle. The Order of the Gryphon will now be the distinction for those faculty/staff members who have served 25 outstanding years at The Bayview Glen School. Each recipient will be given a glass trophy (photograph attached) and the names will also be permanently engraved in our Alumni Hall with its own individual glass plaque. Congratulations to our most recent inductees into the Order of The Gryphon:

2000  Brigitte Chan, Michel Lambert

2001  Eileen Daunt

2004  Roger Curtis

2005  Janice Roberts

2013  Judith Maxwell

2014  Diane Mills

2018  James Chapman, Rita Iafrate                

2019  Dina Astrella, Paul Smallbridge, Andrew Vivian, Katherine Weidner

2020  Wendy Hillier, Frances Lambert

2021  Melanie Deeks, Paul Freeman, Stephanie Hulan, Kevin Neville

2022  Robin Elliott, Dagmar Wilson

In mythical times, the Gryphon was said to be loyal and protective. They were believed to guard their treasures fiercely, whether that be a person, place or in this case, perhaps our School. Congratulations to our new inductees to The Order of the Gryphon. To all of our milestone recipients, congratulations and thank you sincerely for your commitment, your service and your dedication to our entire School community.