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The Writer’s Block | Issue #1

The Writer’s Block | Issue #1

The Writer’s Block | Issue #1

Friday, November 6, 2020

Editor’s Note: Why Writer’s Block? Why Now?

Where to start? Not here, that is no good. These words? No, we need the right ones. Once Upon… This is the student newspaper, Emiko!

Writing this note, I fell into the trap of a blank page and aimed for perfection. Writer's block became border patrol and allowed only the highest-reaching words to be made real through my fingers; no vaulting letters cleared that high bar.

No writing is ever perfect; what was I afraid of? I told myself that I had come down with a rough case of writer's block, but I knew the truth: I was censoring myself, aiming for an arbitrary standard.

But this year, we are overruling this concept, rewriting the narrative. Writer's block will no longer stand in the way of our scribbling. To the Bayview Glen Upper School, The Writer’s Block is a platform to house student opinions, voices, and stories; it is our student newspaper. Instead of plugging the flow of ideas, the title will encourage students to celebrate the imperfect draft and unite over a shared love for words.

We are studying in a changing environment, and it can be difficult to write about emotional and current topics. As we brainstormed articles, COVID-19 was discussed in detail. The team agreed that addressing the present situation could play an important role in establishing community and fighting feelings of isolation. Though the pandemic is challenging to write about, the team has done so, in the hopes of aptly representing the school’s feelings about our current situation. We are not alone.

I think they have done a brilliant job. Thanks is also owed to our team of editors and graphic designers, as well as the various teachers who have supported this paper. If this publication is a symbol, let it be one of gratitude.

But thanks do not make that initial draft any less pesky. I urge you to throw away your worries; there is no grade and little pressure within our student newspaper.  “Don't get it right," Mr. Sylvester, our teacher-supervisor tells us, "get it writ."

And so we did; enjoy this first issue of The Writer's Block.


Emiko Wijeysundera


Want to contribute to The Writer’s Block? Write a Letter to the Editor, addressed to, to be included!


Between the Lines

Anavi has been writing since she was a child and uses it as an outlet to de-stress. She hopes her last year will go out with a bang.

Hi everyone! My name is Anavi; you may remember me from the Bayview Glen Student Anthology: Between the Lines. I loved reading all your work last year and I’m happy to announce that the anthology will be continued this year as well…although in a slightly different format. 

Between the Lines has merged with our student newspaper Writer’s Block, which is an exciting new venture in Bayview Glen. I’m sure you’re all as thrilled about this as I am. The newspaper will publish new editions each month, featuring everything you need to know about student life at Bayview Glen. 

Of most interest to you, Between the Lines submitters, the newspaper will also have a prompt for the anthology, which will be due by November 15, 2020. Depending on the amount of submissions, some pieces may or may not be published. You can find the prompt in the previous edition of the newspaper and on the Between the Lines Edsby group. Until then, keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the other incredible segments from the newspaper team.

Happy writing!

Your first prompt is Halloween themed: Write a one-page murder mystery, complete with a beginning, middle, and end. And please, let's not get too gory.


Take an object/idea/place that would not usually be associated with Halloween, and put a spooky spin on it. This should also be one page in length.