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The Writer’s Block | Issue #3

The Writer’s Block Issue 3

The Writer’s Block | Issue #3

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Editor’s Note: Our Time Capsule

As we approach the New Year, I've started to think about how time impacts The Writer's Block's content; will our present ideas be just as applicable in 2021 and beyond? Will the thoughts of 2020's Upper School carry relevance in the future?

With each school year, the graduating class is replaced with new faces from the Prep, bringing a unique mix of voices and opinions: a new Upper School class, different from the last. Our current situation exacerbates these contrasts; today's Upper School students experience a different school-life from students of years past, and the same will be said of the students who follow. The Writer's Block finds its strength in this diversity, and as the Upper School student newspaper, we highlight the individuality of each year's class.

Our goal is not timelessness, it is preservation. Each issue features the present, real, and honest thoughts of the current Upper School. In 2021, our earlier issues will offer an untainted glance at our views in 2020.

Sometime during the holiday break, over a hot drink of your choice, take the time to read our writing team's end-of-year reflections. And perhaps, years down the road, this issue can be looked upon as a time capsule, capturing the thoughts of 2020's Upper School and the unique environment that they lived in.

Huge thanks are owed to our writers, graphics team, Ms. Della Mora, and Mr. Sylvester. Thank you as well to our incredible editors, Ambihai Akilan, Delnaz Zamanian, and Fanxiou (Franky) Liu, who were rocking it on a tight schedule. And the biggest gratitude goes to you, our lovely readers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; our art is little without an audience.

Enjoy the holiday break, and all the best for the New Year.



Emiko Wijeysundera


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Between the Lines (BVG Anthology) Update

Anavi has been writing since she was a child and uses it as an outlet to de-stress. She hopes her last year will go out with a bang.

It’s Anavi again. Let's try something different.

Lately, with the busy school year and the constant change occurring all around us, it helps me to just write without making any sense at all. When we start writing because someone tells us to or for a graded English assessment, it’s easy to stop seeing ourselves in our work and start subconsciously conforming to what we think we should write. If you’re like me—and I suspect many of you are—then writing is a way to disclose a side of ourselves that we keep hidden from everyone else because it’s too jumbled to get into. It’s hard to submit work like that anywhere but if you’re like me— and I suspect many of you are—that’s not why you write. This break, this two weeks of gifted time amidst a pandemic, I want to encourage this spirit of raw writing. The way that makes sense only to you. It can be a poem, a thought, or any other form with which you’ve been wanting to experiment. You don’t have to submit, but if there’s something you want to share, feel free to do so.

For those of you that like structure and have been enjoying the prompts, here’s one for December:

Take a mundane activity or eventful story (fictional or not) and write about it in the style of your favourite author or an author who has a distinct writing style. Along with your submission, also include the name of the author you were inspired by.

As per always, your submissions should be about a page in length. Whether you choose the write-your-heart-out prompt or the more concrete one, give your work a title. If you’re like me—and I suspect many of you are— you’ll know that titles are the quirky introduction at the beginning of your work and the most powerful hook a writer can have. Take advantage of that.

Happy writing!