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The Writer’s Block | Issue #6

title page issue 6

The Writer’s Block | Issue #6

Friday, April 9, 2021

Editor’s Note: Until We Meet Again

Back in October, a handful of writers met on a Microsoft Teams call. As cameras turned on, and silence was exchanged for smiles, we started to plan. This was the birth of The Writer's Block, leading to our first issue, "New Beginnings," in November. Now, half a year later, those smiles have strengthened us; we have so much to be proud of.

What does Family Mean?, an anonymous article from this publication, beautifully examines the importance of family. In many ways, our Writer's Block team is a family; ours is a community of support, and we have watched each other grow. Since October, our family has nearly tripled in size. There is always space for more on The Writer's Block; writers, photographers, editors, designers should consider joining our family next year. And if your talents lie elsewhere, don’t hesitate to reach out! It takes a village to run a paper. 

The Writer's Block has always urged us to embrace the furious wave of ideas and celebrate the imperfect draft. And when we opened that door, we were flooded with writing; our six issues have published an impressive forty-five articles. We have enjoyed and celebrated pieces featuring creative reflections on COVID-19, tips to improve the student experience, exciting Bayview Glen news, and opinions on world events; in reflecting, highlighting, and preserving this year's student voice and experience, The Writer's Block has thrived.

In this issue, Christian and Anavi brilliantly dissect the Grade 12 experience in their articles, Setting the World Aflame, and The World's Ceiling. As we approach the end of the year, grads have started to tie their high school ribbons, leaving their footprints in the sand. So, until we meet again, I'd also like to say goodbye and thank you. Thank you to Ms. Della Mora and Mr. Sylvester for their endless dedication and guidance, to the fabulous Writer's Block team who never cease to amaze, to Jazmine for kicking it all off, to Sabina for the tips and support, and, of course, to you, our lovely readers: thank you for following our journey this year.

This will be my last Editor's Note, although you can look forward to one more issue before the close of the year, where you will hear from 2021-2022's heads of The Writer's Block. I am thrilled to introduce this hardworking and impressive group as Constantine Vrachas Matthaios, Maya Freedman, and Fanxiao (Franky) Liu. I have no doubt that The Writer's Block will thrive under their leadership next year and am so excited to read the future issues!


Emiko Wijeysundera


Want to contribute to The Writer’s Block? Write a Letter to the Editor, addressed to Constantine Vrachas Matthaios at, to be included!


Between the Lines Prompt:

Write a story with a "routine" plot; no crazy twists, murders, or anything of the sort. If you're at a loss, base it on your own life or someone else you know. We all have ups and downs and sometimes in the blandness of the everyday emerges a golden, relatable story.

I've often found it difficult to write a compelling piece that has no dark themes or extremely extraordinary happenings. The struggles of a protagonist, no matter how simple, can be intriguing if written effectively. Think of this as a writing exercise and even if you aren't in love with your piece, send it in and show us what you came up with. Happy writing!


  • two pages single spaced max.
  • give it a title!
  • send it in to when it's ready
  • Teams Anavi Parekh if you have any questions