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Bayview Glen

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For U.S. Residents

Of Interest to Residents of the United States

Bayview Glen, along with 25 other Canadian Independent Schools, is benefiting from an organization called FRISBE or "Friends of Independent Schools and Better Education" which makes giving more attractive to Bayview Glen alumni and friends who reside in the United States.

FRISBE's purpose is to promote and encourage educational institutions that emphasize scholarship, sportsmanship, moral character and individual responsibility and initiative; all of which we subscribe to and encourage in our students at Bayview Glen.

During its 30 years of operation, FRISBE has received donations in excess of $8  million U.S.,  receipted the donors and made grants to a large number of schools, including qualified Canadian Schools. If you wish to make a tax deductible donation to Bayview Glen, please make your donation to FRISBE using this form which requests that their Board make a grant to us.  FRISBE will issue you a receipt for a United States donation.

The United States Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, includes the Friends of Independent Schools and Better Education in its "Cumulative List of Organizations" described in Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code which are exempt from Federal Income taxes under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Contributions and gifts to the Friends of Independent Schools and Better Education are deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes to the full extent permitted by law.  Federal Tax Number 91-1216755.

Please feel free to use the services of FRISBE or to continue to donate directly to Bayview Glen. Please note that transfers from FRISBE to Bayview Glen will be made, in lump sums, at six month intervals. We urge you to contribute to our great School and to use the services of FRISBE if it will be to your advantage.

Click here for downloadable pdf of our FRISBE donation form.