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Water is the Star in Grade Two STEAM Day

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


If excitement could be measured, Grade two STEAM day in the Lower School would be off the charts. It all started with a question: "How might we clean dirty water?" Working together in groups, the students enthusiastically built their own water filtration devices. This was more than just building structures. The story actually connects to Get Me Outside Day that took place earlier this fall. On October 24th, students explored the Don River behind the Lower School observing habitats and the flow of the river. In the classroom, teachers have engaged students with discussions about the importance of water and our eco-system. More specifically, they have been learning about the water cycle, properties of air and water and different filtration devices as part of the Grade two curriculum. This all culminated with a special STEAM day. With the help of parent volunteers and teachers, the students spent time in both the science and art rooms developing their structures. This engineering knowledge is part of problem based learning and design thinking. And the students had loads of fun!