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Bayview Glen

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About Us

Learning and flourishing from ages 2 through 18

Welcome to Bayview Glen!

We are Toronto’s academically invigorating, internationally connected, coeducational Preschool-through-Grade-12 independent school. Thriving on two closely connected campuses, our carefully calibrated programme welcomes the youngest preschoolers and guides them, step-by-step, to become intelligent, compassionate, proactive young adults.

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Our close-knit and vibrantly diverse community, inspired by expert teachers and fueled by a forward-looking curriculum, shapes independent thinkers and energetic citizens. Through our abiding belief in the combined power of intellect, kindness, and wonder, our students see themselves in personal as well as global contexts—fostering genuine creativity, purposeful action, and enduring friendship.

Bayview Glen students graduate as caring, perceptive, engaged cosmopolitans, fully prepared for top universities at home and abroad. Equally important, they step forth with the intellectual and personal fortitude to embrace—and enhance—a world of accelerating change.

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