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Where our youngest students cultivate wonder.

Welcome! Thank you for considering Bayview Glen’s Preschool for your child.

We believe children’s earliest years are among the most crucial—and delightful—of their educational journey. It’s a time of astonishing growth, when children’s inherent curiosity, insight, and empathy spark constant discoveries about themselves and the world.

Preschool at Bayview Glen

At Bayview Glen, we celebrate and cultivate children’s natural love of learning, helping them uncover not only what and how they can learn, but the particular ways each child learns best. Our inquiry-based curriculum inspires children to ask big questions – How do we show feelings? How do insects help nature? Why are numbers, shapes, and colours important? What do I believe? – and pursue creative, meaningful answers. Through hands-on collaborative and individual projects, opportunities to perform for peers and family members, close attention to physical and personal well-being, and a deep commitment to the importance of play, we nurture abiding intelligence, self-awareness, and respect for others.

We love seeing the joy on our students’ faces when they’re sharing a story with a friend, chasing a ball on the playground, or viewing a fossil through a magnifying glass for the first time. Countless daily moments like these show how much our students love learning. And they head into Lower School ready and eager for more.

We would be very happy to share our Preschool with your family. Here’s how you can schedule a visit.

Signature of Gillian Potts-Hemingway, Director of Preschool

Gillian Potts-Hemingway
Director of Preschool

Headshot of Gillian Potts-Hemingway, Director of Preschool
Signature for Jesse Denison, Head of Lower School and Preschool

Jesse Denison
Head of Lower School and Preschool

Headshot of Jesse Denison, Head of Lower School and Preschool