Lower School

Where students stretch themselves and reach for more

a student and a teacher work on a problem together

Welcome to the Lower School at Bayview Glen!

In the Senior Kindergarten through Grade 5 years, children expand the boundaries of their world and seek new ways to explore it. Our programme combines an accelerated curriculum with individual attention, so your child feels both inspired and safe to stretch beyond previous limits.

Watch Andreas tell his Lower School story

In our inquiry-based philosophy, learning begins with complex, open-ended questions—called “essential questions”—that spur curiosity, self-reflection, and deep investigation. How can I express myself? How do my actions affect the environment? How do forces work in nature? Why do we have rules? In every subject, students wonder, challenge themselves and each other, and discover connections across disciplinary borders.

We also consciously build community through buddy programmes, frequent field trips (with overnight trips starting in Grade 4), inclusive and competitive athletics, meaningful service learning, and a great variety of clubs—including Leadership, Spelling Bee, Mandarin, and our championship Robotics teams.

Watch Alayna tell her Lower School story

As they advance through our Lower School, you can see children growing more resilient, inquisitive, compassionate, and courageous with each passing day. It’s simply wonderful to witness. I look forward to sharing our school with you and your family.

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Jesse Denison
Head of Lower School and Preschool