Prep School

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Where empowering transformations occur every day

Thank you for looking into Bayview Glen’s Prep School!

In our Prep School, we carefully attend to each child’s individual talents and aspirations, building all students’ confidence, self-awareness, and capability while understanding that each child develops at a different rate emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.

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Our inquiry-based enriched curriculum, offering Reach Ahead credits, enhances students’ curiosity, inventiveness, and ambition. Leadership opportunities such as Student Council and Young Round Square inspire students to venture out of their comfort zones while contributing to the wider world. Challenging, inclusive arts and athletics programmes spur students to discover new dimensions in themselves and each other.

Our Prep School shares the same campus as our Upper School. In this thoughtfully designed, warmly encouraging environment, young adolescents blossom into vibrant, grounded, self-advocating teens, well on their way to a promising young adulthood.

I am so proud of our confident, innovative, and mature Prep School students. We hope you’ll come meet all of us very soon!

You can schedule a Prep School tour here.

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Dina Astrella
Head of Prep School