We believe in providing an enriched environment in which children can learn and grow. We aim to foster competence in all aspects of life. Our enriched curriculum, based on the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines, provides many opportunities for each child to fully develop his/her physical, emotional, social, creative and cognitive self. In Bayview Glen’s atmosphere of acceptance and approval, a child gains the confidence to present themselves as they are, and to express their feelings, both of which enhance their self-awareness.

Days at Bayview Glen are filled with new experiences and with opportunities for challenge and success. As children learn one step at a time, the curriculum plan is age-appropriate and geared towards individual needs.

Bayview Glen is a university preparatory school, with a diverse choice of academic courses. To that end, students entering Grade 9 will have already earned 4.5 credits toward their high school diploma. Over the course of Grades 7 and 8, students complete Grade 9-level credits in Mathematics, French, Integrated Computer Technology in Business Studies, Visual Arts, Spanish and Music.

The Role of the Teacher

Teachers encourage and enhance a child’s natural curiosity and aptitude for learning by providing interesting daily activities and opportunities to explore. Through close observation, teachers commit to identify each child’s strengths and needs. They help the child to develop his/her strengths, and provide support for his/her needs. Our teachers create an engaging and informative environment, leading children to make their own decisions (when possible and appropriate) and to take responsibility for their actions. Time is also allotted for free play, allowing children to expand their creative and intellectual faculties, enhance social skills and develop routines. All of this fosters independence, competence and self reliance. In addition, regular gross-motor activities are implemented by teachers indoors and outdoors.

The Lower School offers a challenging and diversified curricular programme.

We offer a nurturing environment with an expectation of academic excellence. Students receive both opportunities and the encouragement to challenge themselves, take initiative and discover their own remarkably creative selves.

Through both the core and enriched curriculum, physical activities, music and art and a wide range of co-curricular clubs, children develop the confidence, motivation and skills to pursue their interests and develop their full potential.

The goals of our academic programme are to:

  • instill a love of learning
  • enable students to become cooperative, confident, independent and to respect others’ rights
  • help students to make choices and so instill independence
  • develop habits and attitudes that promote and maintain physical health and well-being
  • encourage respect for the environment
  • learn to respect, accept and appreciate cultural, racial, religious and physical differences
  • develop community awareness through trips and guest speakers
  • develop problem solving skills and to become critical thinkers
  • give students the skills necessary to succeed so that learning is a rewarding experience
  • demonstrate confidence in their ability to succeed
  • foster flexible and motivated learners in a secure and supportive learning environment
  • foster responsible and cooperative decision-makers
  • prepare students for the routines and expectations of the Prep and Upper School academic programme, thus providing an easy transition.

Lower School Awards

Geography Challenge Award
Each year, students from across Canada compete in the Great Canadian Geography Challenge.

Spelling Bee Award
Students participate in the Primary, Junior and Intermediate divisions of “The Spelling Bee of Canada”.

Mathematics Awards
Starting in Grade 3, students participate in the Annual Mathematica Centrum Contests. These contests are administered to over a thousand schools across Canada with more than 50,000 participants. This competition is designed to challenge students and to offer problem solving experiences. The results were very impressive this year! AT EVERY Grade level Bayview Glen School earned Honor Roll status out of all the schools in Canada.