Post-Secondary Preparation

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Student Services

The Student Services Department is comprised of various professionals who provide academic support to all students. The Director of University Counselling, the Career and Academic Counsellor, the Learning Strategist and the Student Services Advisor work very closely with the Head of the Upper School and Academics, respectively, and with Mentors to set short and long-term goals, assist with timetable selections, determine the graduation credit requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, and obtain help whenever it is required.

The Learning Strategist is available for individual and group meetings to discuss learning needs and styles, study skills strategies, time management methods, conflict resolution, decision-making and self-advocacy. Ultimately, we endeavour to prepare all students for the successful transition to post-secondary studies.

Students and their parents are invited to speak to members of the Student Services Department to discuss future plans. Together, we will achieve a healthy perspective about post-secondary planning and options for further education.

Post-Secondary and Career Counselling

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Bayview Glen provides a comprehensive and individualized post-secondary counselling programme.

The Director of University Counselling assists students in the university selection and application process, meeting regularly with students and parents throughout the year. Group information sessions, as well as individual advising sessions, will be offered on a regular basis to discuss issues such as appropriate programme and university/college selection, scholarship research, making the transition from high school to university/college, and related career planning. This counsellor is also responsible for maintaining positive relations with admission offices at post-secondary institutions throughout North America and abroad to learn more about their programme offerings and to meet with Bayview Glen alumni.

The Career and Academic Counsellor meets regularly with Grade 9 and 10 students and parents to discuss early post-secondary planning strategies, including setting academic goals. Students will be provided with a variety of information to aid in making informed course selections that will keep open a range of post-secondary options. The counsellor will also help students to access resources in the University & Career Counselling Centre related to career planning, mentorship and external learning opportunities, including the Grade 11 Co-operative Education programme.

A broad range of information on post-secondary institutions, programmes and the proper management of the admissions process are available in the University & Career Counselling Centre. The Director of University Counselling also makes arrangements for representatives from a wide selection of post-secondary institutions to visit Bayview Glen and speak to students. Students in Grade 12 are expected to attend these university visits, and all students are welcome to participate.

Bayview Glen students are prepared for the expectations and rigour of university. It is our goal that students choose to attend a post-secondary institution where they will confidently apply their knowledge, creativity, global competencies and entrepreneurial mindset, whilst being active and positive members of their community.

Leading Edge Professionals

With membership in the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC), International Association of College Admission Counseling (International ACAC), and the Ontario College of Teachers, Bayview Glen counsellors endorse and adhere to various Codes of Ethics and Professional Practices.

Members of the Student Services Department regularly attend conferences, present sessions and hold leadership positions at the provincial, national and international levels.

Information for Post-Secondary Officials

Bayview Glen MIDENT: 887188
Bayview Glen CEEB Code: 826959
Bayview Glen UCAS School Code: 44531

The Bayview Glen School Profile is available upon request, otherwise it will be submitted alongside applications to international universities and colleges.

University and college admissions staff wishing to make a visit to Bayview Glen are advised to contact the Director of University Counselling. Canadian universities are invited to participate in the annual Bayview Glen Canadian Universities’ Fair, held the third week of September. International universities and colleges, summer programme providers and experiential education providers are invited to participate in the annual Bayview Glen Explore Fair, held in October.

For more information, contact:
Mr. Troy Hammond
Director of University Counselling & Student Services Department Head