Clubs and Activities

Bayview Glen’s commitment to excellence in education extends beyond regular classroom learning into our special interest co-curricular activities.
Clubs are designed based on the interest of students and the expertise of faculty.

The following is a list of some of our Clubs and Activities offerings:

The Arts Council of Bayview Glen strives to promote and showcase the visual, musical, and dramatic arts in our school. We are called upon whenever signs need to be made or art related events need to be organized and planned. These include coffee houses, art shows, and talent shows. As well, each year the Arts Council commits to the creation of a major permanent art installation. It is the Arts Councils mandate to advocate for the beauty of art to all our peers.

Becoming a member of the Bayview Glen Players provides you with many opportunities with respect to the Upper School’s annual theatre production. All aspects of the show are student run. Depending on your area of interest, you can participate as an actor in the cast or take on one of the many roles behind the scenes. Students manage costumes, props, lighting and tech as well as publicity-just to name a few areas of responsibility. However you choose to participate, you will have one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences that BVG has to offer.

The Bayview Glen Book Club provides a friendly environment that encourages students of all Upper School grades to come together through their love of reading. A variety of books of all genres and from all parts of the world are proposed, a book is selected by vote and the club meets to discuss it. In its brief existence the Bayview Glen Book Club has gained enormous success, as the Bayview Glen community is full of bookworms.

Bayview Glen Games club is a school club that focuses on promoting the refined game of Chess. The scholarly and erudite atmosphere of Chess Club coupled with semi-annual tournaments to sharpen skills provides members with an incredible experience. The club is open every Thursday lunch, if you are looking to improve your Chess skill or, just looking for a quiet, calm place to stay for lunch, Chess Club is the surely your best bet.

The Debating Society is a community within Bayview Glen which offers students a chance to improve their speaking, cooperative, and analytical skills. Noteworthy highlights each year include the debating tournaments hosted by universities such as Western, U of T, and York give debaters the chance to display their finely honed skills, and to gain valuable experience. However, it is not all about competitions – debate is a fun way to discuss topics, improve friendships, and exercise your creative side.

The Environmental Committee focuses on making the Bayview Glen community aware of the environmental issues we are facing today as well as informing students on ways that can be easily integrated into daily life to make a difference. We provide students with information and reminders on environmental issues through a variety of resources, such as our school newspaper, videos, announcements, and our upcoming tumblr page. It is everyone’s responsibility to know the issues facing the Earth and what we can do to help and the Environmental Committee aims to spread awareness of this fundamental obligation.

The Events Committee is a great way for students to become involved with the planning process of Bayview Glen’s social events for the student body. Throughout the year, the committee works on the multiple aspects of planning these events, such as the selection of themes, music, decorations, event advertising and ticket sales. Any industrious and dedicated student would be a great addition to this committee, regardless of age or experience. The Events Committee is an exciting opportunity to learn how the Student Executive Council works together to make its endeavours successful.

Free the Children is an international charity and educational partner which strives to educate, engage and empower youth to be agents of change. At Bayview Glen, the Free the Children Club is committed to embodying the core values of the organization and inspiring students to take initiative in creating a better world. Through numerous fundraisers each year and initiatives to raise awareness, this club has allowed students to develop a unique perspective on the world we live in. To date, the Free the Children club has raised over in excess of $8,000 giving less fortunate youth the opportunity to attend schools and families to have access to clean drinking water for life.

The French Café is a way for students, whether taking a French course or not, to interact using the French language and to learn about French culture. Members practice their oral French by answering questions and playing a variety of games. At the end of each meeting, traditional French pastries or snacks are handed out while listening to French music.  It is a good opportunity for individuals who are interested in being exposed to the French language or to practice their already existing knowledge of French.

This year the Fundraising Committee has focused on educating and promoting various causes to the student body. The Fundraising Committee makes presentations during assemblies about the charities to whom money is donated. These presentations and the monthly meetings to decide on fundraisers and charities to donate to for the upcoming civvies day increase funding support from the entire student body and involvement through fundraising and charity proposals.

In the age when the modern entertainment like console and computer games dominate our recreational needs, the Bayview Glen Games Club is an afterschool club that focuses on old fashioned tabletop games. From board games to cards games and even traditional eastern games such as Mahjong, Games Club aims to provide quality and diverse entertainment without requiring usage of modern technology.  If you are technophobic, or just looking for something fun to try out, this is the club for you!

Members of the Grad Committee have the opportunity to make the final year at Bayview Glen the best it can be for the graduating class! By helping to organize assemblies, design grad sweaters and plan prom, the committee members contribute to your senior year’s most memorable experiences. It is a great way to bring together classmates, whether for grad dress up days or choosing a theme for prom, and anyone with creative ideas and a positive attitude is welcome to join!

Our varied programmes provide unlimited opportunities for the aspiring athlete. The School mascot, the mighty Gryphon – representing speed and majesty with its body of a lion and head of an eagle – symbolizes the combining of intelligence with strength and a positive attitude. Please visit the Athletics section for more information.

Healthy Active Living Committee encourages the BVG community to take part in a wide range of physical activities during their spare time. By running weekly, Zumba classes, and strength training, the Healthy Active Living Committee allows students to stay active during the busy school year, and strive to reach their fitness goals. Many of the members train for the Goodlife Marathon, helping to raise money for cancer research. The Healthy Active Living Committee has been a great contribution to the wide variety of clubs at Bayview Glen and the community looks forward to its future evolution!

Helping Hands is a club which raises awareness and encourages students to partake in meaningful initiatives benefitting the local and school community. The main objective is to lend a ‘helping hand’ to those in need and to create a better community of people willing to help others altruistically. From participating in the Enbridge CN Tower Climb for United Way to presenting at assemblies, Helping Hands has demonstrated a willingness to create positive changes within the Bayview Glen community and Toronto. 

The art of improvisation is an important skill for any aspiring actor or actress. Being able to improvise also develops valuable public speaking skills and the ability to think on your feet. We lead drama and improvisation exercises and games that students often partake in as part of the grade nine and ten drama courses. Improv Club has a set group of members but also welcomes drop-in participants at any meeting. This club complements other extra-curriculars, such as the annual theatre production and Debate Club.

The Investment Club is a unique club that aims not for high membership, but for the most amount of educational benefit towards its dedicated members. It provides the students with a special chance to gain experience operating a portfolio on the stock market with virtually no risk, along with peers with the same interests. Members of this club learn how to gain maximum profit from their investments through educational games. The object of the club is to teach its members the basics of investment in general and stock market in specific. The intention is that members gain an understanding of how to invest their money in a more efficient way.

Media Committee is in charge of promoting photography and videography interests, as well as building the bridge between the public and the student body. Apart from holding weekly meetings and assigning members to photograph sporting events, we regularly maintain the public SEC page on Facebook. We often collaborate with clubs to design informational videos by providing creative insight on visual effects and assistance in filming. The SEC LipDub production amazed the community and we hope that our upcoming project of implementing Speaker’s Corner into assemblies will be equally successful.

Model UN is a club where Upper School students are given the opportunity to put their problem solving skills to the test. When given an assignment for a conference, students are expected to represent a country in a mock United Nations setting. They are given a certain amount of time to find a solution for problems occurring in the present-day world. Whether it is discussing the Syrian Conflict or the Chinese-Japanese land dispute, it is up to the delegate to make allies and craft the perfect resolution.

Bayview Glen’s music programme is exemplary and provides many opportunities for student musicians to get involved. All music students participate in either the Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble as part of their curriculum. In addition, aspiring musicians have the opportunity to become involved in the Jazz Band, smaller orchestra ensembles, and the student rock band through audition or invitation. Those who want to demonstrate their vocal talents can join the Choir or audition as a singer. The music program is run by teachers but students also have opportunities to take on leadership roles as guest conductors or student band leaders.

Operation Smile is an international, non-profit, non-funded children’s medical charity that provides free constructive surgery for children and young adults born with cleft lips, palates and other facial deformities. As a newly established club at Bayview Glen, and only one of five OS clubs in Canada, our mandate is to raise awareness and funds to provide free surgeries to children around the world who are faced with health and self-esteem struggles associated with these deformities. A great way to get involved in the school, the club offers members the opportunity to participate in the organization and new and creative events and fundraisers that contribute towards the meaningful cause without too onerous a time commitment!

Retro Video Games Club is not just a club, it is a community of skilled and enthusiast “Gamers” who share a love of Retro Video Games. As one of the newest clubs, it is one of the most successful clubs flourishing with over 30 active members from all grades. In this club we play, create and discuss retro video games. The best part of the club are our tournaments, which bring competitive and competent players head-to-head, while the atmosphere fills with excitement and enjoyment. 

The Round Square Committee is devoted to helping communities all around the world, from promoting environmental awareness to raising money and donating to the Prince Alexander Fund (a fund used for materials on Round Square service trips) annually. Members pride themselves on their ability to cover all the IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership & Service) of Round Square. Committee members devote each full month of the school year to a different IDEAL; from October to May they inform the Bayview Glen community about ways to get involved. Members of the committee also assist in raising money to donate to help those in need. Round Square is an amazing opportunity to become more aware and to help out the world.

The Social Issues Club is a news orientated club focused on educating and informing students about contemporary global and local news. During meetings, various news articles are read and debated. This helps everyone acquire different perspectives and opinions on the story and gain a better and more diversified view on that topic. Additionally, many people sign up to present various articles that they find important or interesting. However, the Social Issues Club does not demand everyone to participate and debate; many students simply drop by to update themselves on the most current issues and events happening around the world. As a result of our casual environment, the Social Issues Club members have cultivated the habit of regularly checking the news. After all, it is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of events happening around the world, and the Social Issues Club is where we help students develop that habit.

Hola! The Spanish Club provides students with an enhanced exposure to the Spanish culture and language. Ranging from celebrating Día de los Muertos to salsa dancing, each member can connect in a diverse environment with other students who enjoy learning about Hispanic culture.  Not only will members be able to receive extra-help when needed, they will also be able to interact with others by using the language in many club-related events, which is the most effective way to become fluent. This club is a fun and informal exposure to the Spanish culture and language for anybody that expresses an interest.

The focus of the Special Initiatives Club is to reach out to our local community with specific targeted initiatives. It is about giving back to support individuals in our area in various ways. Since our focus is localized, we carefully select just a few campaigns to run. We have supported the North York and Fort York Food Banks and are planning a Prom Dress/Attire drive to support New Circles, a not for profit community support agency that is in our area. We typically run our drives in the late fall and early spring.

Spelling Bee Club at the Upper School is only for grade 9s. Students have the opportunity to compete in the Regional Spelling Bee of Canada competition, and hopefully advance to the Provincial Championship, and then move on to the National Championship. Each participant has a chance to win both a cash prize and a trophy for the top three finishers. Being a part of this club is a great experience, and students learn many new words which can benefit them later on in life.

The Student Executive Council embodies every aspect of the Bayview Glen Upper School from arts to athletics to community service, and everything else in between. The council consists of approximately thirty student positions, elected by their peers and the Upper School faculty. Members of the Student Executive Council are outstanding leaders who personify all of Bayview Glen’s core values: Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Integrity, and Balance. Student Executive Council members are responsible for planning initiatives, events, and organizing committees within their respective field.

The Student Life Council is essentially the bridge between the students and the Student Executive Council. Consisting of carefully chosen representatives from each grade, this council works along with the heads of the council to not only support school-wide events and initiatives, but also to act as the voice of the student body so each idea can be heard. The council members draw to attention the student concerns in order to develop solutions to these issues. The ultimate goal is to enhance student life so each Bayview Glen student will have the best environment within which to learn and excel.

The University Ambassadors are responsible for bridging the gap between universities and students, and work closely with Mr. Hammond, our university counsellor, to do so effectively. They plan and run events for students to become more informed and connected with the university application process, a vital service to the school community. Furthermore, they make sure to welcome all university representatives to the school, helping them direct university presentations, and offering any other help they may need.

The Yearbook Committee is committed to compiling the events and memories that are created each year at the Upper School into one book. The committee meets once a week after school to sort photos and design the layout of the yearbook. The committee always strives to improve upon the previous yearbook to make it the best possible published representation of the school year. It is a great committee to join for anyone who is interested in photography, graphic design, drawing, or just creating something that all the students and staff will enjoy for years to come.