Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement:

Whole Child: Whole Life: Whole World

Whole Child: We nurture each student’s full potential and confidence

Whole Life: We foster values, abilities, and friendships that last a lifetime

Whole World: We embrace the real world beyond our walls

two uniformed students walk through the Bayview Glen hallways

Core Values

  • Respect: Treat everyone with respect through our words, actions and behaviours.
  • Responsibility: Honour our commitments and take action.
  • Compassion: Practice patience, kindness and support.
  • Integrity: Be truthful, honest and dependable.
  • Equity: Act with fairness and justice.
  • Balance: Live with peace and harmony

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

At Bayview Glen, we are committed to teaching the whole child, enabling each and every one of our students to become a confident, creative, and contributing member of our global society.    

Excellence in teaching and learning demands that we nurture the relationships, craft the experiences, and provide the supports that empower our students to:  

  • Attain mastery of essential skills and command of fundamental knowledge;  
  • Think critically about the world around them;  
  • Develop empathy and respect for diversity of identity and viewpoint;  
  • Inquire into and propose thoughtful, innovative, and ethical solutions for real-world problems;   
  • Communicate effectively with others, both locally and globally; and  
  • Excel in their chosen fields of endeavour.  

Bayview Glen teachers are experts in their disciplines, the art of teaching, and the use of technology to enhance learning. Bayview Glen students learn in a safe and supportive atmosphere that provides space for the free and respectful exchange of viewpoints, thoughtful risk-taking, and the opportunity to learn from failure.