Here are some of the many co-curricular opportunities open to Upper School students this year:

Global Ideas Institute

The Global Ideas Institute is an initiative of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. This is Bayview Glen’s 8th year participating. Over the course of the year, student teams from Grade 11 and 12 gain exposure to leading global experts with monthly lectures, develop complex problem-solving skills and ultimately deliver pitches for their solution to a panel of distinguished experts in the Spring at a day-long symposium. Students receive guidance from University of Toronto experts, community and graduate-level mentors during this year long learning process. This year’s challenge is Global Digital Citizenship for the Hard-to-Reach, challenging students to develop innovative approaches to bolster digital safety amongst marginalized communities, specifically: the LGBTQ+ community, women and girls, and racial and ethnic minorities.

Spanish Club

Spanish Club is a great opportunity for students to learn Spanish and participate in activities relating to Spanish culture. Knowing a second language is increasingly important in today’s rapidly globalizing world and this club offers students a fun and educational method of learning a foreign language. Spanish Club provides students with a chance to enjoy and discover culture through dance, cuisine, language, and the celebration of Hispanic holidays. Our activities will include playing online Spanish games, watching Spanish movies, and other extracurricular activities (physically distant salsa dancing, guacamole making tutorials, etc.).

Fantasy Sports Club

The BVG Fantasy Sports Club is open to all students of the Upper School. The main purpose of the club is to run successful fantasy sports leagues, including basketball, hockey, football, and soccer. We also want to give Upper School students the opportunity to show their passion for professional sports. In addition, this club is a great way for Upper School students to meet those from other grades who share the common interest of sports. This club has been very successful in previous years and we hope to match that success this year.

Debate Club

The Debate Club allows students to learn about and develop their skills in public speaking and persuasion. The club meets each week to focus on a particular topic of debate. Using the British Parliamentary style of debate, students will have time in their respective teams to develop arguments, organize their presentations, and then deliver their arguments within the allotted amount of time. They will have an opportunity to challenge points made by the opposing team and will receive constructive feedback regarding their efforts at the conclusion of each debate.


The Yearbook Committee is already hard at work documenting this school year. We have met virtually to discuss the theme of the book, selected various roles (editor, grad rep, design team, general staff), and familiarized ourselves with Jostens’ new online platform. Committee members work throughout the school year and even into the summer to produce a high-quality book to archive the most memorable moments. Last year we were lucky to have had a robust group who were ready to take on the challenges of recording school life before and during the pandemic. We hope you enjoy reflecting on these memories!


Healthcare Occupations of Students of America (HOSA) is an international student-led organization with the mission of promoting career opportunities and enhancing the quality of healthcare by preparing future professionals. HOSA offers students unique opportunities including workshops, leadership positions, and conferences. In previous years, Bayview Glen’s HOSA Club worked with members to prepare for the final leadership conference. This year, we plan to continue preparing students to compete, with meetings moving to an online platform. HOSA has made some changes this year to allow students to work online while still providing them with the benefits of the club including giving students perspective about healthcare, allowing them to develop teamwork and presentation skills and providing a hub for like-minded students. We look forward to another successful year.


The US play this year is “The Scottish Play”- Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Our goal is to film a hybrid of theatre performance and outdoor shots for a streaming event towards the end of the year.

You do not have to take drama to be involved in the play. Obviously, due to COVID-19, participation will be handled creatively, but if you want to act before the camera, or help with tech or backstage, this is the project for you.

BVG Media Club

This club is for students interested in photography, video and sound production plus new and evolving types of media like VR. We are looking forward to the third season of our initiative plus new shows and content with lots of opportunities for those interested in being both in front and behind the camera. Past initiatives include photography competitions, meet ups, seminars and other events. During COVID-19, we have new opportunities to create and share media projects that bring about new connections and help us reflect on our diverse and vibrant Bayview Glen community.

Electronics++ Club

Last year was the first year of Electronics club, where a group of students met weekly to explore principles of electronics and circuits. This year, the scope will be expanded to aspects of computers and coding, as well as seeking creative solutions to everyday problems through simple technologies. For students interested in learning about electronics, design, engineering and generally being a Maker, but perhaps aren’t quite ready for the full commitment to Robotics, the Electronics++ club may be just the thing for you! Meetings will be held online, so anyone can attend.

Model UN

Model UN (MUN) did not let a global pandemic get in the way of us saving the world. In fact, COVID-19 is just the kind of global emergency that members of BVG MUN try to solve. MUN has hit the ground running this year with our first meeting scheduled for September 22. While we have already registered for SSUNS (at McGill) and Sir Winston Churchill MUN (virtually of course), we are planning to be a part of many more.

Mock Trial Club

The Bayview Glen Law Club, aka “Kourtroom Krew” is now in its third year. The club is run with the goal of advancing a competitive team to compete at the Ontario Justice Education Network annual high school mock trial competition where teams of eight students face off in either prosecuting or defending an accused in a criminal trial. This year, we are hoping to participate in an online competition. Kourtoom Krew has ranked as high as semi-finals in competition. Students in the club have an opportunity to learn all about the Canadian legal system, with a focus on criminal law. In previous years, students have had an opportunity to watch a criminal case in court and have been coached by established crown and defense counsel in the field. The club is open to students from Grades 9 to 12 and no prior experience is necessary.


If you love science, asking questions, inventing, and having fun with like-minded individuals, the BioBuilders club is the club for you! Each year in BioBuilders, our goal is to look at real-world problems, and how biological phenomena can be reused to solve them. Meetings are one hour per week, with the date to be decided.

Upper school students at a meetup is a nationwide charity which focusses on the promotion and de-stigmatization of mental health among youth. We are the Bayview Glen chapter for who want to continue the conversation about mental health and break the stigma surrounding it. In past years, our chapter has planned and organized initiatives for the Bayview Glen Upper School community in order to promote and start conversations surrounding mental health. Some examples of activities have included, bake sales, lemonade stands, flower grams, and coloring book publication and sale.


DECA is a business competition that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. There is a large selection of competitive events with options of team, individual, written, and oral case study events.

This year both regional and provincial competitions will be online, but this allows for a larger number of participants to qualify for provincials. In addition, this year is the perfect opportunity to further develop your skills since for the first time ever, DECA Ontario will be hosting FREE workshops with exclusive DECA tips every month.

FRC Robotics Team

Team ALT-F4 is excited to start its third FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) season. This year we will be integrating a hybrid model where team members will attend lab sessions in person and remotely. Due to the abrupt ending of the 2020 season, FIRST Robotics has decided to replay last year’s game. This is great news as we will be able to compete with the same robot as last year, affectionately named “Viper”. If you are interested in joining the FRC Team please contact Mr. Pestonji ( or Mr. Kashif (