Andrew Jerjian ’06

In July 2012, Andrew Jerjian, BVG ’06, completed the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) at the University of Oxford, his third university degree. Previously, Andrew earned his Bachelor of Laws at the University of Warwick (UK) and his Master of Laws at Cornell University (USA). With a global legal education and experience across three jurisdictions, he cultivated his international ambitions as a student at Bayview Glen.

Having entered the School in Grade 2, Andrew has many fond memories of his early years at Bayview Glen, but most treasures his experiences at the Upper School, which laid the foundation for his personal development and future goals. “The diverse course offerings of the Upper School made it possible for me to become a true scholar,” says Andrew, “and I was well prepared for the challenges of university study.”

He consistently placed emphasis on improving his language skills, studying both French and Spanish. To complement the rigors of the academic program, he was also a member of the School’s badminton team for over six years. Andrew continued his co-curricular participation at Bayview Glen in Grade 12 by being elected Head of Round Square on the Student Executive Council. In this capacity, he was involved in the organization of community service, work projects, and exchange programs in collaboration with other Round Square schools worldwide. The greatest influence on Andrew was Bayview Glen’s course in Canadian and International Law. “That class was definitely the inspiration for my pursuit of legal studies,” he recalls. “Mr. Hammond, Director of University Counselling, was wonderful because he gave me suggestions about where to study internationally and, ultimately, helped me find my way to the University of Warwick.”

“The best part of Bayview Glen is definitely the people,” Andrew continues. “My heritage is half Greek, half Armenian, and I appreciated having the chance to study with classmates from all over the world – it is a very multicultural environment! I found my teachers were very much invested in the life of the School, not just the day-to-day, but actually taking time to get to know the students and become friends as well as teachers.” 

Upon graduating from Bayview Glen in 2006, Andrew left Canada to pursue a legal education at the University of Warwick in the UK — seeking immediate schooling in the roots of the Common Law. Determined to uphold his bilingual Canadian identity, he embarked on a year abroad to study French law at Université Lille II. In 2012, he completed his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Warwick, achieving a First Class Honours degree in European Law. Throughout his degree, he undertook several internships, including ones at Rothschild Asset Management in New York (2008) and Linklaters LLP in London (2009). These experiences helped shape his career aspirations and desire to practice international commercial law. Andrew was drawn back to North America to complete a Master of Laws (LLM) in US commercial law at Cornell University. At Cornell, he acclimatized himself to the American legal system while also becoming President of the Cornell LLM Association and LLM Editor of the Cornell International Law Journal. Simultaneously, he was involved in transatlantic collaborative work with UK-based professors as a freelance editorial assistant for a publication entitled Managing Risk in the Financial System. After graduating from Cornell, Andrew sat the New York Bar exam in July 2011 and continued on to the University of Oxford, where he has spent the last year specializing in international corporate, competition and economic law.

Andrew will be pursuing a training contract in London with Clifford Chance LLP – one of the world’s leading law firms with 35 offices in 25 countries and a member of the elite ‘Magic Circle’ UK law firms. 

Bayview Glen is proud to include Andrew Jerjian amongst our Notable Alumni.